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To those with more than 3 children; what cars do you drive? We just bought a 2nd hand pajero, which has 7 seats. But to fit pram, stroller, groceries etc into the back the 2 rear seats need to be up. We just had our 3rd child (6 weeks, 20 months and 3) and I would like more. But how do you fit them into the car?

I have 4 kids and we have 2 vehicles. We have a Pajero with the extra row of seats and I agree with you, I have trouble fitting everything in. My youngest is 18 months so I just have a stroller now but still a squeeze, plus my older girls (7 and 5 years) do not like sitting in the rear seats. So we now mainly use this as a work vehicle.

We also have a Kia Carnival which has so much more space. The girls love this and I find that I can fit everything in with ease.

We are about to have our third baby (due in July) and are wondering how everyone else manages. We have a commodore sedan with lots of boot space and plenty of room across the back for 3 seats. Brydee (26 months) is in a booster seat with harness, Chelsea (11 months) is in a forward facing seat.

Not sure who to put in the middle as the harness is fastened with the ordinary seatbelt and could get difficult reaching across seats to undo her seatbelt.

We considered a Patrol with 7 seats but the bolt and belt would take up some boot space in the back row. We would actually be losing out on space going from the commodore to patrol.

I would be keen to see how others manage too.
We have 3 kids and are TTC #4
We own a Patrol and a Honda Odyssey. Although the Patrol is my Husbands we have plenty of space. Only downside to the Patrol is the anchorage points. They are located on the floor and there are only two. There is no anchorage point in the middle, you would need to get one fitted. We have our Daughter in a booster seat and our Son in a forward facing seat. Our eldest son obviously being 10 is no fuss.

My Odyssey is great for space when the rear seats are down, but is a little tight for space when rear seats are up. I have a Phil and Teds pram, and I can only fit that in the boot with 3rd row seats up with one wheel removed. I probably would fit 2 bags of groceries also with pram. Anchorage points are located in the roof which I find easier, but not so great for head room for anyone sitting in 3rd row. But I'm still happy that we can manage just fine like this.


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