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TTC after Mirena Lock Rss

Hey, we are going to start ttc early next year. I currently have the Mirena and have no bleeding (occasional spotting). I have heard it is recommended that you start the pill to get your cycle regular before ttc. Is this true? We already have 2 beautiful girls and wouldn't mind trying for a boy (no I won't be disappointed if we don't conceive a boy) so in order to try for a boy, I would need to work out my cycles. Has anyone been in a similar situation?
Gosh, I don't want to wait that long but it is in our best interests to. I am so clucky now. Lol.
TIA ladies

I had the Mirena in for 60 days after DD2 was born (in about month 3 and 4). I hated it and got it out month 5, and by month 6 was pregnant (planned). Coincidentally I already have 2 girls and am now pregnant with a boy smile I don't see why you would need to go on the pill at all, particularly if you are TTC.

Best of luck smile
Hey there.

I had the Mirena in between DS1 and DS2. approx 2 years I had it in for.

I was told to give it about 6 months before i would be able to fall... 6 weeks later i was 4 weeks pregnant!!!!

Jacob Stephen 27.09.2002
Jaylan-Jack, Mummy's Miracle. 26th 7 08.
Alleira Joyce Christine 24.05.2012

I had the mirena for endometriosis symptom control as I am infertile (two babies by IVF). I found it difficult and only tolerated it in for nine months. After it was removed I was pregnant within three weeks with my little miracle baby. I have heard other stories of ladies conceiving quickly after the mirena is removed. I haven't heard about the pill option.
Good luck
I had the Mirena in for 3 years and had it removed in late Novemeber last year. I bled a few days after having it taken out & then had my first AF in late December, I fell pregnant on that cycle. smile

If you want to try for a particular sex, you should wait to see what your cycle is doing. Try taking your temps and checking your cervical mucus to help figure out where in your cycle you are ovulating(checkout Fertility Friend).

Thanks guys. I am actually loving having the Mirena. I get very little spotting every couple of months and have had no side effects. It's going on 2 years now that I have had it. Very sorry to those who haven't had much luck with it.
I want to get my cycle regular to hopefully try for a boy which is why I thought it might be beneficial to go on the pill just for a couple of months. I still have a year or so before we decide as I need to get a bit better news from my pap smears.

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