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"Prince or Princess ? Choosing Your Baby's Gender Before Conception." Lock Rss

Hi Bell,
I'm the same as you, I have two beautiful boys and would be happy with a 3rd beautiful boy. But am just interested to hear what others have tried or done and if it's been successful!

I read it, tried it & still no i have 2 boys! lol
I do know why i have 2 boys as i was too impatient for that BFP so BD too close to O!! Hope that makes sense! wink
Ebay is the easiest way to find the books..."Choose the Sex of your baby" gives u all the timing, diet & position rules!
Eg. To have a girl u must BD 3-4 days before O & then stop (unlike what i did??), also need a high calcium diet (no bananas as thats potassium 4 a boy), No orgasm (unlucky!!) & a few other things u can do!
I adore my boys but cant imagine never having a daughter!?
Good luck....I'll be following the rules much more carefully if we decide to TTC again! grin

i think the whole athletic thing is that the males body would be heated up alot and under stress which are all good for girls. also if the guy wears jocks, keeps the swimmers warm and reduces the chance of the boys surviving.

everyone i have talked to who have done the methods have got a girl smile

im giving it all a go. it is hard though, takes patience

K, im really interested in this aswell. Have two boys, they are the greatest lil guys ever, but really do want alil girl!!
Thing is i have no idea what my cycle is to control things that way, as got preggy straight after coming off depo with DS1 and the month after i stoped breastfeeding with DS2.
aslo my husband wears jocks, is a concrete layer so outside working up a sweat most days. also we have our company so there is quiet alot of stress involved!! and yet we have two boys!!
Id actually been talking to a piolts wife who said that guys that spend long periods of time sitting down are more likely to have girls, which rings true with alot of people i know.
But have read that the PH level of the virgina weather its acidic or not can determin weather the boy sperms can servive, anyone else heard about this or tried it?? aparently it can be alterd by diet.
Hi Bell,
I am also wondering if anyone has tried this book, as I have 2 girls and would love to give my DH a son, even though we would be happy for another girl. I have looked on the internet for ways to swing the gender to boys but would like more info as the sites only hint at bits and pieces. I would love to borrow or buy this book from someone that has used it before (don't really trust buying it off the site) and see if they were successful. Any response would be greatful grin
I haven't read the book but did research into finding out how to increase chances to conceive a particular sex. I found out the male sperm swim faster but die quicker and female sperm are slower swimmers and live 4-5 days. So to increase chances for a boy, you need to have intercourse the day of ovulation and for a girl, 2-5 days before ovulation. You do need to know your cycle well but there are ovulation strips available in supermarkets that only show when you are ovulating or there is the 'Maybe Baby,' a saliva tester that shows when you are coming into, going out of and when you are ovulating.
My husband and I were blessed with a healthy baby girl and knowing we would only have 2 children, wanted to try for a boy. I had calanders that i had marked when my periods started and when I thought I was ovulating which helped me pinpoint my exact day of ovulation but I did use the maybe baby and ovulation strips in conjunction with my information. My hisband is also in the navy and had just returned from a 6 month deployment and it is said that due to exposure to the radars, the male chromosones are killed. We were fortunate enough to fall pregnant with a boy first attempt. I hope this helps because as much as I would have been happy with two girls, I love having one of each and parents are wrapped they finally have a grandson after 5 granddaughters.
I did it!!! I have 3 beautiful boys and this time round we did a few things to get our princess and it worked. She is Due on Dec 1 and we cant wait to meet her.
We did everything including lime / distilled water douche, hot baths for him and a 1 day cut off. All techniques to weaken the sperm thus the stronger longer lasting girls would have a chance, and it worked for us!!!
Hope this helps you guys trying for a girl xoxo
With DS we did it on the day according to the ovulation calendar on the internet. At my 12 weeks scan they put me back 11 days and said i must have ovulated a different time in the month - who knows?

With DD looked it up on the net but not sure if it helped or just luck - only had AF back 3 months after bf DS and cycle changed from 28 to 31 days so i put in the details for both those cycles. also DH works away so luckily it coincided for when he got home. so for one cycle when we were trying it was perfect for a girl and the other perfect for a boy! TBH i had no idea if we had done it at the right time of not until I got my baby girl in my arms

Good luck smile
Have had 3 friends who successfully had girls at their choosing... I am about to do the same. I have been told to commence BD straight after P finishes and STOP 3-4 days prior to ovulation. As 'girl' sperm swim slower they need more time to reach the egg, boys swim faster and beat the girls to the egg. Do NOT do BD until the next month....Will let you know if I have been successful...
DH and I have been trying the girl method for 5 months now with no success, not altering our diet just stopping BD before ovulation, have had no success so we decided to be away with that and just BD whenever we want at ovulation, I would love a girl but now I would just love a baby regardless of the sex.
Good luck.

Did anyone of you try to buy the 100% guarantee sex selection from from US? If you have tried it, does it really work for you? I am going to get this pack and see if it really works. Or has anyone of you try similar packet? Please let me know. I am urge to find out. Thx so much!
i don't know about that book.. but the app StorkDiet is meant to work really well for choosing the gender of your baby.. its based on science 100% of the way, and has worked for people already.. their website is if you want to find more info.. smile
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