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kangaroos= most evolved life forms? Lock Rss

I've been thinking for well over a year now, about the whole "pushing a baby out of my down there," and how I'm not a fan of the idea.
I'm even less of a fan of c-section- in fact, it was the threat of a c-section after 20 hours of labour that had me madly pushing out my baby.

Kangaroos have it all figured out. They give birth to something nice and small, and then it crawls into their pouch, and chills out in there for a while, until it's big.

I really like the idea of giving birth to something the size of a barbie doll, then putting it in a backpack for the next five months or so. It wasn't until DD hit six months, that this whole motherhood thing got a lot better.

Kangaroos can also pause pregnacies, I hear- that in times of drought, the foetus stops devoloping until conditions improve. Imagine- if you're car breaks down and you need to buy a new one, the whole baby going on pause till your fiances are back on track. Kangaroos also won't reproduce until conditions are just right. Just imagine- no more babies after a one night stand, no more babies born into abusive relationships, no more babies born to addicts...
Imagine what our whole society would be like smile
I knew with all 8 of my pregnancies. Burping is the dead giveaway that I'm pregnant, without a fail, every single time, if I start burping around the time I'm due - then I'm knocked up. However this may not be a good thing considering, I'm yet to hold a living breathing bubba in my arms. Maybe the time I DON'T know I'm knocked up and then later find out I am will deliver me a viable pregnancy, who knows, I don't anymore.
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