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Is there anything you can do to shorten cycles? Rss

Since AF returned after having DS my cycles have been quite long. I'm not sure why and its bugging me. They have been 37, 37, 31, 35, 33, 35, 37 days long since a couple months after having DS (have not been on any contraception).

Is there anything you can do to help shorten them or am I stuck with an unpredictable cycle? I guess I am but I thought I would ask just in case!
Mine were a bit all over the shop after having DD2 and have only just gone to 28 days (which is 5 days shorter than they used to be). So it's taken almost a year to get back to 'regular'.

Not sure if there's anything you can do for it though, sorry.

Good luck smile

i know some women who have seen traditional Chinese accupuncurists for it and its worked well for them.

I think I'll be stuck with my irregularity damn it. I thought they were going ok til I just had this 37 day cycle. Just get pregnant damn it!!!
I hear you! I'm TTC#2 and I got AF back at about 8 weeks, then nothing for ages, then a 57 day cycle, and last time 35. I was always 28/29 days. Makes it very difficult knowing when to time things.

Hope we both get pregnant soon and don't have to worry about it anymore smile

Yes, there are herbs that can help with this. My best advise would be to go and visit a naturopath, espeically one that specialises with fertility. They can help by giving you some herbs that will get your hormones back into balance.
Vitex is another vitamin that may help too?
I've always had short cycles and went to see the naturopath about that and it helped smile

Good Luck


I had exactly the same problem and tried Bowen Therapy. It worked a treat and my cycle was exactly 28 - 30 days for the three months I did it.

Good luck
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