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Ttc December 2010 Lock Rss

As other ladies have said if you start the thread you get lucky with the Bfp!!
There's a ttc oct, nov and jan nex year but no dec?
Is anyone else trying for dec?
It'll be hard to hide the no drinking over Xmas & nye if It does happen!
We're planning on TTC #2 from Dec.

I have a DS who is 6mths and as he took only 2mths of TTC after a m/c we're hoping to get preg first/second cycle with the help of MayBe Baby.

I'm currently mid way through my first cycle since coming off the pill so fingers crossed my body will be ready by Dec.
Hi there girls smile We are planning on TTC #2 in December also smile We have a DD who has just turned 15 months old, and looking forward to giving her a little playmate! Starting to get excited .... we've been talking about it for months, and now it's almost here! Lets hope we all get the best kind of Christmas pressie this year :)x

HI ladies, yes after lots of thinking we have decided nov/dec is the time to start ttc #2 also. ds is 2.5. I guess we weren't ready any earlier! I have just ordered a maybe baby ovulation predictor. I'm a bit in the dark about it but ive heard they are good? What are your thoughts?

baby dust to all x

38 weeks and 2 days

Yay! Best of luck to us all!!! smile No idea on the maybebaby ... we will see how we go and then maybe give it a try later on smile

I brought MayBeBaby after 6 mths of TTC with my first pregnancy and got pregnant the first month of using it. It took a few days of using it to get used to how much saliva you need. I'm using it this month to track my cycle as are going to try for a girl so "as the story goes" we need to bed 2-3 days before ovulation.

~Baby Dust~
Well this is AF 11.
I started with a diary and doing OV tests writing result and time of BD on what day and also what I noticed when checking CM. after about 3 months that got too much so we moved into lets just have fun with it but it din't feel like we were trying enough. Tried BBT 1 month but didn't seem to get it right chart looked funny, going to try again. I have kept track of lenght of cycles average was 26 days but now has moved to 27 days, longest cycle was 32 days shortest 25.
We have DS he is 1, we are hoping for a baby brother before he is 3. We have decided to stop after he turns 3 and just never think about it again, it will have been nearly 2.5 years of trying by then.

Buby dust to us all and sticky dust when we all get BFP's
Hello There Lovely Ladies

Thought i would join also, I was in TTC NOV but AF arrived yesterday.

Little bit about me. im 24 DH is 25 been TTC for 7 months. Nov was the first month i charted and took temperature and although we didnt fall pregnant my chart was so accurate i got AF on the day it said i would (using fertility friend) highly recommend it!!!!!!! My cycles have been all over the place since D&C back in March so i was stoked that my cycle was normal this time.

Hoping for a great cycle this month and hopefully a nice BFP just before Chrissy!!

Also just wondering if any of you ladies know if you have a tilted/retroverted uterus? I was told i do and apparently on reading on the internet i need to lay on my stomach after sex not on my back...just curious to see if anyone has any other tips!
Hi ladies

do u know much on drinking black tea when TTC. i am getting mixed info on the internet. i drink it every day and am starting to wonder if i should stop alltogether in order to increase my chances as some info suggests it reduces conception chances.

what do u all think?
hey ladies moving over to this thread i see the person who started it is already pregnant and we're not even in december yet congrats u lucky girl =)
started spotting today so AF will be here 2moz exactly like fertility friend told me i too am having exact timings on that site.

we're onto cycle 3 of TTC number 2 FX for sticky baby xmas presents.

Hi! I'm coming over from the Nov thread even though my AF isnt due til nov 27ish (ha my cycles are between 32 and 39 days normally 35 to 39) so that date is 14DPO, but i dont feel UTD but i hope this is a waste of time except to say HI!!! Happy TTC everyone!!!!

Hi Ladies

Slowly moving over from TTC Nov.
DP and myself are TTC#1 we are currently into our 4th cycle off the pill
I Hope everyone ttc in Dec get a lovely suprise for christmas
Good Luck Ladies
Baby Dust To All
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