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hello ladies i just wanted to start a thread for those who are trying to concieve or have been for a while my DH and i are on our 3 month of trying to concieve and are due to test on the 23rd of december but we are unsuccessful i would like to have this thread also to still keep in touch with you all =) we are tryijg to conieve baby number 2 and we cannot wait hope it doesnt take ages.

Hey Carmel,

thought I would join your thread as well since I won't be able to test until the 7th of January anyway. I'm really hoping that you get your BFP this month as it would be a very lovely christmas surprise smile

hey if you went into when are you due part of forum there is already one for TTC jan
but hey im sami we will be trying in jan, my ds will be 11mths by then, im soooo super excited i would love another baby!!
Hello. My names Andrea and have been TTC#4 for about 6mths now but have managed to miss or not be around during "o" time which is getting quite annoying. Was hoping to be pregnant this month as i was due for AF on my bday but it has show up today 2 days late so hopefully next month. Hope you are lucky this month or next!
Good luck Andrea, hopefully with Christmas stresses out of the way etc it will be your lucky month. My AF is due Monday so looks like we will be due only a few days apart. I wish you all the best of luck. We are also going to be trying for #4

number 4!!! thats soooo kool, ive always wanted 4 cant wait lol i would like them all out before im 30, and i gota fit a 3year midwifery degree in there too!! ooks like a busy 8years for me!!!

number 4!!! thats soooo kool, ive always wanted 4 cant wait lol i would like them all out before im 30, and i gota fit a 3year midwifery degree in there too!! ooks like a busy 8years for me!!!

You can do it, I'm about to enroll into nursing then follow on with midwifery. My husband and I want 5 kids and we are hoping to have 5 under 6 if we are lucky enough smile. I have been doing a tertiary program at the moment as I didn't get year 12 because I was pregnant with my 1st son but I'm really enjoying studying. The key is learning a good routine and making sure that you schedule time while you're kids are asleep to get your study done.

I would love to just do straight out midwifery but a friend of mine said that it can get quite hard being a midwife so i thought nursing would be something good to fall back on

I am 21 (22 in July next year) and my husband is 27 (28 in May). He doesn't want to be anymore than 30/31 when we have our last child

Hey Ladies, I might join in here to as due to test very early january, for those who dont know me from other ttc threads, my name is Danae, i have a 3.5 yr old and a 2.5 yr old (both DS) and want a 3rd bubba (and a 4th too, just maybe not at the same time!!!) jan will be cycle 4 of ttc if not bfp early jan. I have 39 day cycles, good for normal life sucky for ttc!!!

house of boys- great that your studying, i actully miss it, while i love being a SAHM i miss my brain being challanged lol. 5 under 6!!!! wow!! hard work but it would be sooo much fun as well, my aunt has 7kids so i come from a large family, they are the best!!!

horsey_13- hey good luck for early jan!! ive kinda been following the TTC dec thread. january is comming up fast!! im due end of this week so ill be testing mid jan, there is a chance that we are this month as we havnt been using contraception but not activly trying, i have been having indegestion (not very common in 1st trimester though) and a slight aversion to foods dont think i am though and would be ok with that, we are going to the MIL place for xmas and she does a massive pitcher of sangareia!!! YUMMY!!
well ladies today i got af 6 days early =( so 23 day cycle so weird considering i have a 29 day cycle every month =( so yous htink i should go to the docs and have a chat about it????? we really want another baby and this ttc is killing us i want to give up i know it was only our third month of trying but we're doing everything right and at the right time wish it would just happen!!!

Hi girls. Thought I might finally join in here as I have been watching your threads over the last couple of months now. So here's a bit about me. Me and my DP are 24 and have a beautiful 1yr old baby girl (she was a bit of a surprise as we wanted to he kids eventually but I was told that I did not ovulate and would need help to conceive but to our surprise 18months later I was UTD! We were Shocked but very excited.) so I have always said I did not want to be preggas in 2010 even though DP has wanted to start trying again straight away as he wants our kids close together like he is with his siblings. Now it is getting close I am getting very excited at the though of ttc and being PG again.
So atm just wait for AF to arrive so we can officially start. today I am 1 day late but that don't mean much as I have always been irregular. Going of a little program I have on my phone my cycle is an average 33 days but my period has been anywhere from 20 to 45 days so I could still have a week or more yet sad we have not been using protection for few months now but just going with the flow. This month only BD a couple of times as I was spotting for few weeks and then got sick and had to have a CT scan sad so I really hope I'm not UTD as I don't think the scans are very safe while Preggas.
Well let's hope the new year brings little bundles of joy for eveyone!! smile
Well here I am, AF arrived today so heading into 8 months of trying.

Carmel - I'm totally with you mate, We're doing everything sooo damn right and sooooo damn much and it's not happening!!!!!! I'm seeing the Doc hopefully this week if i can get in, otherwise it wont be until after xmas/newyear. I thought i'd be 7 months pregnant by now!!! if i knew it was going to take this long i would have started looooong before DS turned 2 and i would have gone to the DR alot sooner!!! for peace of mind and any helful advice i'd go see your GP so that your not like me and still trying midway through next year!!!

Sorry peoples, very negative tonight after seeing AF arrive.

Hopefully the christmas cheer comes back in the next couple days!!
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