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HELP!!!!!! Positive experiences..... Lock Rss

******* NOTHING ON FACEBOOK PLEASE smile ********

The ONE time I so desperately needed the help of huggies mums... was the one weekend the damn site went down!!!!

Anywho.... will try and keep this short......

We are TTC.... was due for AF on the 10/12, got it on the 7/12, had had preg symptoms for a week prior, got AF and thought nope def not........ still had symptoms..... so I did a test (whilst still bleeding) and got the faintest of faint +ives,........ I thought I was seeing things so threw it out..... couldn't shake the gut feeling, felt bloated, faint, sore boobs etc........
got some wild cramps yerterday and POAS again.... INSTANT BFP!!!! Did another straightaway, same again...... did anotehr this morning, same again.....

been to the DR, had Blood tests and going for an U/S this arvo, he is a bit concerned about the cramping yesterday and ectopic preg, but the pain is seriously all but gone, I did have the runs saturday night, so DH is thinking just a tummy bug..... now I am only slightly sore from where he pressed hard on my tummy........

I have never had "AF" when preg before, he did say that its not unheards of......

Am after some other experiences..... and maybe a few good vibes here too
sorry jess i don't have any experience but i hope it works out for you smile big hugs and yep it was a bugger that hugs was down for the weekend sad

anyways good luck and fingers crossed you are pregnant smile

I've known a couple of ladys who had AF through their pregnancy with no issues. I don't know much about it unfortunately
Good luck to you hope it all goes well, let us know smile
I have known of about 3 that were pregnant just before period and than were still there. BIG HUGS and sending you all the positive vibes.
I had an implantation bleed at 4 weeks, could it have been that? Everything was fine smile
i had af at the start of pregnancy with both my lil girls , apparently 40% of women can have a bleed ... hope this helps
Oooh ooooh ooooh I wish I could come and pace the floor with you! When I got my BFP with DS2, I actually had a bit of bleeding on the same day and the day after, which I would normally have considered my AF except that I KNEW I was pregnant (had all the symptoms and just KNEW it). I think little bleeds very early in pregnanyc are normal, when I mentioned it to my dr all he said was "Has it happened again? And it's all stopped now?" And that was the end of it all! Well actually the end of it all was the arrival of my 2nd son.

Jess I am literally bouncing in my chair. *Good vibes* all coming your way matey xxxxx
I havent personally. But i know of a few that have. One of the recent ones.. My good friends sister had been having her periods as usual and then started noticing a growing tummy. They were using protection so thought nothing of it. Then went to doctors who in the end did a preg test and she got a BFP. Went for a scan straight away and she was 4 months preg. She couldn't believe it. Her "periods" have continued but not as strong and they are just keeping an eye on her but baby is growing fine and she is now 19weeks.

Every body is different so you never know. Hopefully FINGERS CROSSED for you.

...I have had two "spotting" episodes with this pregnancy. One at 6 weeks. Just lasted 2-3hours and was slightly coloured discharge. And some dark brown stringy discharge(sorry TMI) but would not at all consider them periods. And i had scan last week and baby is growing well and has strong heart beat.
thankyou all so muuch guys, I have been googling away, and some things say its normal to have very similar bleed to "AF" and lot say its never a good sign..... thats why I wanted to ask on her, to get REAL experinces!!!!

The DR is not worried about the bleed as he said there are so many reasons why that happens and its more common than people realise, he is concerned about the cramping, but having had the runs as well, and he did listern to my bowel and said it sounded abnormal (as if I have had a tummy bug) so fingers crossed, though I am trying so hard not to get my hopes up
Oh and he said I would be around 6wks, so an ectopic would be considerably painful by now....
It could be a m/c or an ectopic. But also could just be normal bleeding. Its actually very common to bleed in the first 12 weeks.

I would ask for some serial HCG test just so you can check levels are rising.

with going for a scan this early you might not get a heartbeat but at least you could see if anything was in the uterus etc

Good Luck. FX its just a normal bleed and you will have a lovely august??? baby roll eyes
Hi there! I just wanted to say that I have had cramping with each of my pregnancies - every month, when I would have had my period, I got pain, just as if I was about to get my period. It always worried me, but my babies were all healthy. Additionally, I have had a few miscarriages, and whenever I have bled with one, then done a test, it shows a negative, or a slight positive - not a strong one. I hope very much that you are pregnant, and everything goes really well - you deserve it! Good luck!

kerrie, VIC, DD 12/8/03, DD 12/10/05, DD 14/9/07, DD 4/1/10

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