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Abdominal twinges may be pregnant? Lock Rss

Did anyone ever have any weird tingling feeling down low a few days to a week past ovulation and then found they were pregnant? I am 9 days past ovulation, not planning on having another child, but feel like I may be... I felt this way when I was ttc my second child and got it about 4 days past ovulation, and while we aren't ttc we aren't exactly using any protection. Just wanted to know if anyone has this tingling feeling. I have no idea if it's a really early pregnancy sign, or if it's the stress of everything my partner and I have going on lately.

Thanks in advance!

If you've felt like this before and turned out preg, then there's a good chance you are...but sometimes our bodies just like to play tricks on us smile

I guess the only way to know for sure is to wait and take a test! Oh, and maybe get some contraception sorted asap if you don't want more kids tongue

Thanks for reply. Lame excuse about no contraception by my endometriosis plays up big time on almost anything, have been trying to get referred for an iud for months but my gp has been worried, and my scarring from endo results in my partner unable to use condoms as it hurts.. So we've been going without, and trying to be as cautious as possible until this month. Stupid silly season making us silly. I just have a very weird feeling were my uterus would be with constant needing to pee already. We wouldn't mind, but it would be really unplanned and I've enrolled myself for full time study for 4 years. Just wanted to know if anyone else felt early pregnancy symptoms before or had those weird feelings. If it turns out I'm not it will be a slight weight off the shoulders, though another blessing would be nice at the same time. hard decision!

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