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could I be? Lock Rss

I recently had my first AF after the birth of our DD. It started on the 24/12/10 and ended on 31/12/10. I've been to the doctor this week and gotten a script for the mini pill (we haven't been too bothered about contraception because it didn't matter if we fell pregnant or not).

I'm not sure what my cycle is or will be because it used to be all over the place so I'm wondering if I could be ovulating or already have ovulated as I had spotting yesterday. (Enough to wear tampon but not for long IYKWIM) Could that have been implantation bleeding?

I'm really impatient I'm afraid and know I'll have to wait a little while to do a test but was just wondering what other peoples opinions might be.

Should I start on the mini pill now, or just wait and see?


Hey, I think you should maybe wait because my cycle was like that when I fell pregnant around 8 weeks ago and I thought it was just the beginning of my period, but if it hasnt continued deffinatly wait a week or two and take the pregnany test which is from clear blue and it can precisly tell you how many week you are pregnant as it is electronic only about $20, this test beat my doctors testing that came back negative until I got a blood test, sorry for ranting but deffinatly wait. I hope it is good news smile
Hmmm I'd prob check with dr or chemist if the mini pill would damage a baby if u were preg?
Any other symptoms?
I'm getting the smell and taste "not right" thing happening but I don't know if I'm imagining it or not. I'm still BF too so don't know if that affects the sore nipple symptom either.

I'll have to do some research on the mini pill I suppose to see if it will affect development.

Thanks for the advice so far.

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