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Hi ladies

I am in need of advice as I am in my 2ww and going out of my mind.
I had AF on 12 jan and for the last few days i have had my breasts swell, nipples and boobs become so sore i cant even have a t-shirt on(TMI im sorry) at night i get so tired and feel sick after dinner. Now that my breasts are getting bigger I am getting horrible nerve pain down my back.
AF cycles are all over the place and dec-jan cycle was only 26 days (ranging from 23-32 days usally). Every morning i do a home preg test and it comes back neg
Am i preg, getting AF or just losing my mind...
Thanks in advance smile
Hard to say! But, with my current pregnancy I didn't get a positive test until between 7-10 days after AF was due (I can't really remember now!!). When I had my 12 week scan they said I was only 11 weeks which explains why it took so long for the test to show up positive. Also I have a friend who has had two children and has never got a positive pregnancy test!! My advice would to test every three or four days or so. Good luck!!
That all sounds positive!! I remember being the same with extreme sore nipples, even a breeze would make me cringe!! I didnt get my BFP till about 13 dpo, hang in there!!!
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