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Fall pregnant whilst on pill? Lock Rss

Hi there! Not sure where to put this post, so I hope I can get some answers here.

I am on the pill but have just taken a week's worth of erythromycin (antibiotic). I was told by doc to use other forms of contraception for 3 weeks.

So I'm just wondering: Has anyone fallen pregnant whilst on the pill and taking antibiotics?

(P.S. I am hoping to come off the pill in about a month to TTC #2, yay!)
Not me, but I know of two couples who have.

Another while using condoms & they also conceived their 2nd child while using a diaphragm.

Abstinence is still the only 100% guarantee LOL!

By the way, all the best with TTC. grin
One of my close friends conceived on the pill. She missed one pill and that was it.
I fell pregnant on the pill. I can't recall missing one, taking one late or vomitting, so I'm not sure how it happened. No contraception is 100% safe (unless you go the permanent way). Mind you, my husband just has to look at me to knock me up. With the current pregnancy I was using condoms, still breast feeding and had no return of my cycle. It's a miracle I don't have 20 kids by now!

DH and his older brother are both pill babies tongue
But his mum reckons she was taking the pill religiously cause she wasn't ready for kids yet.. lol
well beat this one i know of a family who fell pregnant with twins and she only had one ovary and her husband had the chop 3 yrs prior if you say that the twins were not ment to be i don't know who is. They now have 6 kids by the way 2 sets of twins and they last ones were his and was proven by dna test.
I fell pregnant whilst on the pill but not on antibiotics. I think that I was sick at the time though.
I fell preg on the pill, not on antibiotics tho. I was sick at the time, had the spewies lol.
Yeah I had a gastro virus.... Everything went in one end and out the other - including the pill obviously cause i'm 32 weeks tomorrow..

Didn't even think about it at the time of course.... Woops
I know a few people that have. Ive also been told by my doc that if your a smoker or drink, ther pill doesnt work with not being pregnant side, only the period side.
I fell pregnant on the pill with DS , and im pregnant again now after i had the implonon (bar in the arm) out for only a week lol , dunno what il do next probly try pill again haha
Child #1, #3 and m/c 1,2,4,5 were all pill babies.
Pill always taken at the same time everyday, never missed a dose, and not on antibiotics... Just fall pregnant on the pill easily
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