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Clomid Mummies Lock Rss


I was wondering if there was stll a group who were using clomid or starting to use clomid.

I am day 3 of my first round of clomid, I am not having any side effects at this point in time and just wondering if I am one of the lucky ones or is it not working, I am taking 50mg cyle day 2 - 6.

My FS has not got my booked in for bloods to check my levels just wondering if you think I should go to my GP to get bloods done, or just stick to temp charting and OV kits.

If you have been on clomid did you get your BFP?

Hope I can find some clomid mummies to help me through my cycle would be great.

Aleesha smile
I used Clomid 2 times, and forgot to take it the 3rd month and fell pregnant!! I think it is a funny story,,

Yes get your bloods done, it could be something as simple as your iron levels not being high enough or your hormones, silly simple things can make it harder to fall.

Best of luck and I hope that you will be seeing a pink line on that preg test soon.

p.s. it took losing weight for me to fall


I'm having problems to fell pregnant. Went to GP and found out I have PCO's. I had done ultrasounds and blood test, she said I need clomid cos' my progesterone level is low so went to Gyn/Obs and he sent me more blood tests...
I would like to know how they started the clomid with you...was it inmediately?
I'm worry I will have to wait more time now, when I've already waited for 1.5 years!
I really want a baby

Hi Ladies,

I'm currently on my 2nd round of clomid 50mg days 5-9, my gyn/obs has been great and i get blood tests done on day 21 to see my progesterone levels. Both of these so far have come back indicating that i have ovulated as anything over 10 is good.

I was prescribed clomid in august after very long irregular cycles and the fact that i wasn't ovulating on my own. I chose not to take it until this year though as i wanted to try for 12 months on my 'own'.

I still temp and use OPK's just i can time BDing right, as the clomid has me ovulating on CD16 with a 29 day cycle.

I wish you all the very best and hope that clomid works for you!! Sending lots of babydust your way!!


Benfee - I think I remember you from the TTC group, did you ovulate on your first round, I have done lots of reading and it sounds like days 5-9 are the most common unsure why I am on 2-6.

Ekali - I got my clomid when I asked for it, I was mid way through a cycle so had to wait for day 2 of my new cycle which felt like forever it was the only month I wanted AF to show up so I could begin.

I am still not having any side effects so just praying it is working, I am temp and I will use opk's to check but might also go see my GP to get bloods done, I do feel my FS has just given me my clomid and sent me on my way. I think I will start using OPK's from cycle day 8 but have put hubby on notice FS said every 2 days from day 9. I am praying this option works for me I really don't want to so IVF in October.

Good luck

Hi Aleesha,

Yes i was lucky enough to ovulate on my first round and my second which has lead to my BFP this morning. not sure why you have been told days 2-6, do you have long irregular cycles? Cos clomid can change your O day to late in your cycle so perhaps that's why..

We were looking down the IVF path also, and i really hope you don't have to go that way and that your body responds to the clomid.
Good luck!!


How are you going i have pcos to, im 24 and just found out im pregnant with my second bub.

I fell with my first caitlyn all on my own she just happened and when she was about 6 months old we decided we would try for another.

.After about 8 months i decided to go see a doctor and found out i had pcos. I was devastated!

Then we had a death in the family ( my husbands twin brother) so that put things on hold for a while.

I Started on Clomid ( and had no side effects)in March the first cycle i did not ovulate so obviously that cycle was a right off.

I got my period on day 28 witch was a first for me lol so i started my second round of clomid in April .. i went for my day 10 scan and there didnt seem to be any follicles there sad i went for my day 21 blood test and yep came back i had not ovulated so once again i thought the second month was a right off but then my period was late.

I called the Gyno and he sent me for another blood test witch came back that i had ovulated but really late in my cycle so i was thinking ohhh *** i have missed it.

But then my period still didnt come and my boobs were sore so i thought ok ill do a test and guess what it was possitive.

So im about 5 weeks and have a scan in 2 weeks for an accurate due date.

All up it took 18 months to fall as my first just turned 2 so i am very happy.

Good luck and i hope clomid works for you as it did for me.
I was on clomid day 2-6 so its not uncomman
I was on clomid day 2-6 so its not uncomman
Hi there!
I am starting my first round of clomid this month too!
I have had endometriosis and irregular cycles so my Dr thought we could try clomid, I am ovulating though but trying to get everything regular.
I am really hoping that the clomid will help. I am on 50mg day 5 - 9.
Good luck to everyone.
Hi Ladies!!! I am seeing my Doc tmrw, he is putting me on clomid which is perfect timing as Af arrived on sunday so that will make day 3 when I c him. So exciting nd hoping nd praying this will b our month. I had the dye put through my tubes on the 10th of May nd found 1 blocked tube ( hence y I am going on clomid ). Wishing u all the very best nd sending tons of baby dust ur way.
Hi girls,

Hows the clomid working for everyone???

I have had cramps since last Friday, so it's now been 7 days and I rang my FS to see if this is normal...and apparently it is, it's my ovaries getting a bit of a shock and being told to get their a into g by the clomid. So it looks like clomid is working for me, which means the pains equal ovulation (well here's hoping) so now all I have to worry about now is making a baby! Here's hoping this is my month!
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