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My cycles are irregular in length, lasting from 4 weeks to 8 weeks. My DS was conceived using tracking via blood tests. I'm TTC#2 and my cycles still vary in length. I feel a bit embarrassed to ask but because my cycles are irregular, does that mean o day will be 14 days before AF arrives, regardless of how long the cycle might be? Or is it possible for AF to come more than 14 days after you ovulate?

I'm monitoring my body changes and I think I'm ovulating around day 14-16 yet AF doesn't always appear 14 days after that, which is really confusing me.

I've tried finding some info on the internet but so far, I can only find general info on ovulation and not what happens when you have irregular cycles.

I plan to try using the predictor kits but with my cycles being irregular, it's a bit hard to know when to start using the tests.

Thanks smile
typically your leutal phase will be around the same. not necisarrily 14 days on the dot, anything above 10 days is considered normal, above 16-18 days is considered extended.

if your temping to get your ovulation, i would not take it as gospel as its easily misguided by changes in environment. however it does give a good hindsight tool. you could try using ovulation prediction kids. i recommend first response.

if you are checking cervix or cm then that is even less reliable... but when you bundle them ALL together its a great tool. (i never checked cervix, just the cm and temp, with OPK.)

and i can guarentee, that i would NOT have my baby without OPKs as i forced myself to BD when it came positive, after being told by my FS that i would not ovulate, and starting to prepare for ivf!

hope that helps.

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