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How to decide - 2 or 3 children? Lock Rss

Hi ladies I haven't been on the website for approx 2 yrs and I was delighted to find this thread because this is exactly what I am going through at the moment.
I am married and we have 2 fantastic boys 5 and 2.5. I have always said I would like 3 kids, and after having DS2 I was still all gun ho for another. However in the last 6-12mths I have been telling myself and everyone else no I think this is it 2 is good and have been telling myself all the reasons that sound good only having 2 kids. I know I am not finished yet, like previous comments have said, financially we could be better but you do what you have to do and will always get buy. I had never heard the saying "You never regret the kids you do have it's the ones you don't" I really like that one!

WHAT DO I DO???? My husband I think needs a little convincing.

Anyway thats my rant, thanks for reading.

Sheree, QLD Dylan 3/6/06 & Heath 5/9/08

I'm trying to decide about a third child too!! It's doing my head in actually:-) I have a 3 year old and a 9 month old. Both girls that I think I'm managing quite well:-) I'm 37 so I feel like it's now or never.....sometimes I'm happy with two and other days I feel like I'd like a third but yes I worry about everything that would change with a third....,,finances, time,family dynamics, ahhhh!!!
It's such a hard one bit I think of its something that you're thinking about that much then it's because you really want another

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