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Maybe baby advice? Lock Rss

Hi, just wondering if anyone is familiar with "Maybe Baby", I just got one from a friend (she got it from someone else and never used it), and I thought I'd get familiar with it.
I have done the sailva test a couple times today and I'm getting the fern pattern, which according to the leaflet, means I am ovulating smile I wasn't expecting to ovulate for a couple more days yet, but I'm going to have a try tonight anyway TMI I know.
My question is, Is it too late if I am already ferning? Hubby won't be home for like 8 more hours hahaha and I read somewhere that the egg is only viable for 24 hrs, so if I am already ovulating, do you think there is a risk that by tonight, it could be too late?
Thanks in advance.

I used the maybe baby thing a few years ago, I can't remember exactly what it says and what the exact time frames are for the drops, ferns etc. But if it is on ferns then I'd say you would have a good chance of conceiving, though like everything thee is no 100% guarantee.

Good luck xx
I had great success with the maybe Baby and I passed it onto friends who thought they knew when they were ovulating but in fact didn't and they too fell pregnant.. I can't remember exactly how long an egg is ok.. but sperm can stay well in the tract for up to 5 days!!..So I suggest just do it regularly to make sure there are the little swimmers there when your eggs are..

Best of Luck
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