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Pregnancy #3 the toughest? Lock Rss

Hi there,

I currently have two wonderful and healthy children. We are quiet certain we would like another and are thinking of trying again soon. But I keep hearing this third baby is the hardest? I don't know what people mean by that? Is it the pregnancy or adjusting to have three children? I've just had quite a few people tell me the third time was the hardest? Any thoughts?! I've found it pretty darn challenging for the two I have!!!

For me, the pregnancy was a little harder, the morning sickness wasn't as bad as with my second, but the aches and pains were worse, I also put on the most weight with my 3rd. Everything did seem to be a bit harder.

But, my 3rd baby has been the easiest, so laid back and adjusts to changes real easy - a very happy baby, especially compared to my second, she was (and still is) a difficult baby/child. My 3rd has also been the best sleeper - thankfully!
Im 31 weeks pregnant with my 3rd and this pregnancy has been quite easy for me. I have had terrible food adversions and i am the smallest out of all 3 and have put on the least amount of weight (7kgs so far). I will be working up til 39 weeks as i feel great you could say, a little tired in the evenings but nothing huge. Cant say what bubs will be like but he damn well doesnt stop moving all day.
For me I had the bestest pregnancy with #3. The hard part is adjusting to a family of 5. Its definately once the baby comes along life gets hard for a lil bit whilst you get your routine. Have 3, 3 and under also makes it hard to get out of the house on time in the mornings or to appts etc.
Its been a month since DD2 came along an we ve just found our feet. Apparently Ive heard its harder to go from 2-3 but easy from 3-4.

im also 25 weeks pregnant with #3, and while i had terrible ms up till about 20 weeks, its been pretty smooth sailing. i think because i have my tow boys to chase after that kind of takes your mind off it a bit. so far i've only put on 1kg, but overweight to start with so kinda happy with that. we'll have to wait and see if this bub is as easy as my first 2, but i'm ready for it, bring it on!!!
My 2nd pregnancy was easiest & my 4th the hardest. By the end of my 3rd pregnancy things got a little tough, but with the right support you get through it. The hard bit wasn't the other kids but my health, if I hadn't had issues there life would've been SOOO easy & cruisy. I'd love 1 more but my last pregnancy was so hard it scares me!
Number three was by far the worst for me.

I had bad morning sickness, where I didn't have and with my first or second.

She is now 10 mths and is by far the most demanding. It's nothing to do with the number of kids I have it's purely just the way she is.

36 wks now and pregnancy #3 definitely the easiest! Had the worst morning sickness for both other kids (boy and girl)! I think being so busy chasing a 18mth old and 3 y.o kept me too busy to get very sick and haven't gained much weight either! Preg gone so quickly cause I've been so busy and had so much more energy! I think it will just depend on his own personality how difficult it will be after he's born, and your other kids!
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