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Yes. There is a conception app. Lock Rss

I used a similar app for tracking my ovulation with the aim to conceive [yes, I am smile but no it didn't really help].

My most used apps are the fun ABC For Kids and I Hear Ewe which are a lifesaver when you are stuck in waiting rooms with toddlers.

The Australian Beachsafe, Shop Ethical, SnapSolve and Playgrounds are all great resources for juggling the grocery shopping, earth loving, community participant family lifestyle kind of thing.

And finally, let me put a word in for FaceBook and Scrabble - ones a line of sanity and the other is perfect for that rare moment of "me time".
I have been using a similar one for about 18 months now. They really come in handy when you have a cycle like mine that AF s always months apart!!!

Love apps! There is an app for everything!

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