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Planning after a caesarean Rss

hiya all,

i had my son in march and it was a complicated labour and all but i enjoyed every moment of it even though i ended up having a caesarean.
My baby is now 6 months and is growing too fast. I have always wanted my children to be close together as i am the youngest out of 6 and i am 5 years younger than my youngest bro so i was a loner. Anyway....i am wondering whether it is too early to plan for my next baby after a c-section. What are the chances of maybe trying for a natural birth the second time?
I am really eager to have another baby grin but i'm not too keen on the c-section the second time round :~
Any information would be great. smile

Sue & Daewon 23.03.2004

hi again!

just thought i'd read your post and let you know that its never too early to start planning for the next one. although this 2nd one of ours wasnt planned, like tepe said to me - it'll be great to be able to watch them grow up together. so my advice as a mum with a 6month old gorgeous baby and an almost-5-month-old fetus - go for it!!!!

Amanda, Emilee Grace 27/02/04, Kynen 11/02/05


I had a c-section for my 1st, that was March '02 but am planning on having another baby.

I had the same worry that you have don't want another c-section. I saw my doc about it and she said that I shouldn't have any worry about having a normal birth this time around. She told me to go for the trial & error. Try to have it natural and if it doesn't look like it will work they will opt for a c-section.

One thing that she did say is that they can't induce me because I already had a c-setion. but my advice to you is to see your doctor and ask them the question. they can give you more advice because everyone is different.

It really has taken until this year for me to recover from the c-section. That is mentally.

I hope this helps,


Jaime, QLD (Bree 28/03/02), (Bub#2 20/07/05)

my doc told me after i had my 1st csection that as soon you have healed u can try again which is usually by the 6 week check up. my 1st and 2nd sons are 16 months apart so no1 was 8 moths old when i fell with no2 and no2 was 4 months old when i fell with no3.i was not able to to even try for a vbac due to some compivations but several of my friends have had ha vbac with no dramas

mum of 3 boys aged 11, 13 and 14

he there, i had a ceaser in april and i am 19 weeks pregnant with my 5th child. in my opinion if you think you can handle have another one already then you are, i asked my OBGYN at my 6 week check up how long i had to leave it before i had another one and he said that the longer you leave it the better his advice was wait a year for your body to recover totally but he said that there after the 6 weeks your body is heald and by 3 moths you can carry a baby without problems. but my opinion is if you think your body is ready to go through a pregnancy again then it probly is, you are usually the best judge of your body, i hope this helps good luck:)
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