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Just curious as to how long after your first ones were born did you fall pregnant again? - Either by choice or by accident??

Just curious ... thats all :/
Conceived on my DS first birthday (oops hehe) or there abouts so will be one year and 9 months apart. Was planned, got it in the first month. I'm sure my opinion may change down the track, but for now we think it's a fantastic age gap, and it's fitting in perfectly with our life plans.
my DD will be 3years +8months when #2 is born....we TTC'ed for one month and fell....very lucky smile we planned a big age gap....i'm not a baby person...they are very cute and i love my own but i couldn't stand having 2 young ones....i would rip my hair out haha

i'm looking forward to the almost 4 year gap....not sure my sleep is tho huh

i would rip my hair out haha

i'm looking forward to the almost 4 year gap....not sure my sleep is tho huh


I planned to get pregnant with close age gaps and each time I conceived within the first month of trying. My daughter was 4m, my son was 5m and my 3rd child was almost 6m when I concieved. When my daughter was 2m I had a pregnancy scare and thought I had fallen pregnant accidentally, but hadn't then went on to concieve on purpose 2m later.

I curious as to how many others with close age gaps planned these gaps.
There is 13 months between our boys. We wanted them close and fell 1st month ttc. We love the age gap the hardest part was being pregnant with a baby

Our girls are 2 years and 5 months apart, I convinced DH that 2 years 9 months was a good gap (my sister and I are that far apart) and that it might take a while to get pregnant so tried once earlier (literally once) then he got cold feet, but it was too late!! laugh He wouldn't give her back now though... wink
My son will be 2.5 years apart, but it took 7 months TTC, but we expected it to take awhile as it took 6 months to conceive our son

my DD is 3.5 and i am due in 3 days time with number 2.
It was planned and we fell pregnant after 4 cycles of trying so DD was about 2.5 when we started trying
There i will be about 3.5 years between ours.

We got pregnant straight up when off the pill at the end of may and am pregnant now.

We were thinking like end of the year but it is all good.

We habe told out son and he is very excited he keeps asking how is baby and he says hello to baby.

last night he asked if he could feed the baby LOL

So for us i think this is a good age gap! HE is old enough to help out with baby and not feel left out!
there is 20 months between DS1&2.

DS1 took about 6 months to concieve, so when we knew we wanted another, we went of contraception a few months early to get ready only to fall straight away, but i love the close age gap, my boys are such good friends, play really well together and really look after each other.

There will be almost 3 years between DS2 and DS3 (due in a few weeks), so it will be interesting to see how different things will be with a much bigger gap.
If i was to fall pregnant now there would be a 5 year age gap between my kidlets. So for this reason i am hoping like hell this whole TTC thing doesn't take to much longer cause i really don't want a 6+ age gap between my kiddies.
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