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thanks Lock Rss

First of all - i knew i deserved those comments i recieved from the forum.

Second of all, You all are very immature to say it was all my fault when you do not know me, the whole scernario, or what my fiance has ever done or been with.

I forgave my fiance for cheating once, and he was open and honest about it, and it was with an escort (he paid for it) so i dont think sex has anything to do with how much you love and care for someone.

What I did was totally and completely mindlessly stupid. I feel so much guilt that i cannot even portray. If i were to get pregnant I will have an abortion because it is not fair.

Also, I am telling my df on what i have done. And I am sure he will get angry and i have to deal with that.

All i was asking for was some support, as i knew what i did was wrong. I was not looking for answers on how my fiance deserves someone better or how bad of a mother i will be.

I dont care how judgemental you all are, you could have at least helped me through an emotional time in my life where i had no one else to talk to about something so private so instead i chose to come to my community board where everyone "before" made me feel so welcome.

And f**k you for saying I am not mature enough to get married or have a baby. If you were one of my close friends and said a comment like that maybe i'd be hurt, but given the fact you have absolutely no idea about who i really am, i couldnt careless. Your comment does not hurt me at all.

Thanks anyway for your time on this forum.

I really do appreciate the honest comments though.

Good luck with everything.
Wow, bit of an outburst there love! If you can't handle people's personal opinions maybe it's time to stop posting ???????

And I'm hoping this doesn't open another can of worms, but I personally don't think it matters what kind of a person you are, cheating should not be acceptable. If you are a 'nice' or 'caring' person it doesn't make it more forgiveable!

Wow, bit of an outburst there love! If you can't handle people's personal opinions maybe it's time to stop posting ???????

And I'm hoping this doesn't open another can of worms, but I personally don't think it matters what kind of a person you are, cheating should not be acceptable. If you are a 'nice' or 'caring' person it doesn't make it more forgiveable!

I cheated. He cheated. Out of desperation. Out of stupidity. Out of carelessly thinking. What I did was awful, wrong, and like i said, I am going to pay for my mistakes. As am I going to fix them.

Cheating shouldnt be forgave, but questioned on why I did it. I was upset, emotional and not thinking.

Btw, there may be millions of guys, girls, wives and husbands that cheat that you may not be aware of.

Unlike some people who get on their high horse and say "oh look at her she cheated"... I wasnt afraid to admit what i did. When really those people on here that judged me could have cheated once in their lives too.

People are so hypercritical. I think that even asking for support was stupid on this site, as it seems that the woman on here are far too "proper" to talk about real issues and live in a fantasy rainbow land with their perfect husband that "would never cheat" yeah well , whatever, i doubt it.

Also - I can handle the posts. Hence why I am replying, (This is a personal opinion to, is it not?)
If you know you deserve the comments then why are the posters that commented immature?

I really don't know what you expected from your original post. Poor Nina?

Fact is you had a fight with your fiance, slept with another guy, went home, made up and slept with your fiance all within 24hrs. (Your poor 'DF'; i hope you at least showered before you 'made love'.)

I think you'd be hard-pressed to find anyone who would support that.
I don't mean this in a nasty way, but what exactly were you hoping to achieve by telling everyone on Huggies that you had cheated on DF? Did you want us to feel sorry for you and tell you it would be okay? Or did you want us to wish you well with a pregnancy that you wouldn't want?
I'm just trying to understand the purpose your posts.

I cheated. He cheated.

Ok, I just read through your other thread. From what I can gather and now assume, from what you wrote above, is that you went and slept with this guy to get back at your partner for him cheating on you... that's what some people call 'tit for tat' THAT is immature!

Listen Nina every post u have put up on here is a pitty me poor me post, we r totally over it nd u need to get a life nd grow up. U deserved every comment u got nd to except support ha wot a joke. Who is going to support someone that comes on here nd says they cheated nd wot if I am pregnant I dnt no who the father is. I hardly c how we r all immature given that we r in stable relationships nd wanting a family nd not screwing around after a fight, If ur partner cheated on u then more fool u then for staying. When ppl cheat it is a sign that there is serious problems in there relationship so its time to get out, life is to short. U have no right to b thinking of having a baby with ur immature mind then to say u will have abortion OMFG that child is innocent, u r not going to get much support on here for that decision considering that WE all want a baby on here nd if u feel u would through it away as if u would left over food. I will b reporting u to huggies nd u will no longer b a member on here, I dnt think we need ur abuse for commenting on a post that u clearly knew u wouldn't get support on. That little outburst u just had shows how immature u really r. GROW UP
I didnt know what to do, and the responce i was looking for (which i happened to find) was to be honest with my df that i slept with someone.

That is the result i was looking for. What i was not looking for is people saying how immature i am, how i dont deserve him, how i am not mature enough to get married or have a baby.

So that is why I am pretty annoyed. I cheated , but that does NOT make me unfit to be a mother.

Jesus, imagine everyone in the entire world who have cheated once in their lives. Almost all of them have kids. So what does that mean? Because someone makes a mistake you cant have kids????

Thats messed up.
The great thing about asking for advice on this forum is its impartial. Why would you bother asking if you are just going to take the 'you don't know me' stance when you are told something you don't want to hear? Why even bother asking if you don't want people's honest opinion.

The way I see things, you said 'help what do I do' and people honestly told you what would help your situation - grow up, reassess your relationship, go and see your GP asap, respect your DF's privacy by removing his photo from your posts.
i did read the other thread but decided to keep my mouth shut due to the nastiness going on.

its a shame that people automatically attack sometimes, but as they dont know you, you also dont know them..the topic may be close to the hearts of some. its takes all kinds and on a public forum you cant really expect anything else.

i cant give any advise on either thread because i havnt been in the situation myself and therefore dont feel its my place to advise or judge you or anyone else, i only comment on threads i can relate to or know something about.

i hope you do resolve this issue and have a happy ending, we all make mistakes, but its if we learn from them that matters and how we correct the carnage left behind.

in the future i guess it would be best not to put very personal issues that will no doubt cause fire on here (or any other public forum) esp if the comments your likely to get will upset you, and making this second thread will prob get you more tounge lashings unsure

all the best and hope everything works out X smile
You couldn't think for yourself to be honest to the person you're supposedly wanting to spend the rest of your life with? blink
I'm sorry, but coming on here, without (i'm assuming) checking to see if you are pregnant and saying you don't know who the father is, and then saying you will get an abortion if you are, that is the biggest slap in the face to sooooooo many people on here.

And Nina, from your last comment you obviously knew what you needed to do, you didn't need advice at all you just wanted justification and sympathy, which you didn't get so now you're angry and just feeling even more sorry for yourself.
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