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Early Pregnancy signs/symptoms Lock Rss

Hello again ladies,
It's my first month at TTC my first bub. Fingers-crossed all is well for testing soon. What may I expect if I fall preggers? and what was your early signs or symptoms?
With DD#1 it was sore boobs, and I mean SORE!!! Weirdly enough I didn't get sore boobs at all with DD#2... With #2 I had no symptoms at all, apart from no AF I suppose, I didn't get a positive test until about 10 days or so after AF was due - I thought I was going crazy!!
Mine was cramping too. Usually before I get AF, I ache from my belly button down to my knees for most of the day and then I get off and on AF cramps.

When I was 4 weeks pregnant, I had the same only worse and it lasted for longer than 2 days and AF didnt come so I thought something was up.

I don't tend to get symptoms in the first few weeks - makes it hard to guess whether you could be pregnant!
DD1 was sore boobs like nodrog were really sore! morning sickness straight away before we even took a test!
DD2 sore boobs not as bad as DD1 and nausea but again nothing like DD1 and missed period with both
i had a bit of cramping, but mainly i think it was the way i went off coffee. Before I was pregnant I used to drink HEAPS, then just sort of woke up one day and it made me sick lol. Good luck smile
No symptoms really until about 5 days after I got my BFP I fainted after getting out of the shower (shower too hot and must have had low blood pressure). Think I was about 4 weeks pregnant. If I didn't already know I was pregnant I definitely would have then as I have never fainted before LOL!

I had the sorest boobs ever. hehe.
About 5 days before my period was due, alot of mild cramping and brownish/bloody discharge which was the implantation... a week later very sore boobs!!!!!!!!!!!
Good luck and have fun TTC smile
I got dizzy & light headed, didnt even realise that was a sign of being pregnant until i did a pregnancy test and it was positive smile unfortunately it hung around for about 6 months lol, goodluck!!
Thanks ladies, all very helpful. It's nice to know what to look out for in advance...
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