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Age gap between children Lock Rss

Hi, my partner and i are trying to decide when to have our next child, does anyone have any advice about age gaps & what worked for them, closer together or further apart? I mean do they actually get on better and play together if they are closer in age?

Thanks for your help!
My little girl is 7 months and I am going to wait untill she has turned 2 before I start trying to have another one so that when then the new baby is born Haylee is almost 3 and doesnt need so much of my time and I can give the new baby all the love and attention it needs. Also why put preasure on your self to look after 2 young children. They will still be able to play with each other when the new bub is older.
There a 2 and a half year gap between my 2 boys and we hoping to have a least 2 year gap between our youngest and number 3.

You do what you know you can handle. I had to have a c-section so i let my body totally heal and we always wanted a 2 year gap between each child.

If you can handle everything that being a mum can throw at you, you will know when it's the best time to have your next baby.

My oldest is being tt and he can feed himself and play by himself so that for me helps that when i'm busy i can give him his lunch or snacks and he eat it. Plus he likes to help with his brother which is so cute. He plays with him, talks to him so if i am in the middle of doing something i know that my oldest his going to try and keep his brother totally happy.

Good Luck with what ever you decided to do.

I agree with the pp... there would be good and bad about both situations. My dd will be 5 when this one is born, we have had some indications that she is going to be jealous, and then other indications that she is going to be a fantastic little helper. But that is also something that happens with smaller age gaps. I'm glad that I'll be able to reason with her and explain things which she'll understand though.

Shes starting school 2 months before the birth.... and I know already that the pick up & drop off is going to be hard with a newborn! However her being at school might make it easier to start a daily routine beginning with getting up at a certain time which will be good. I'm glad she won't be at kindy with the odd drop off and pick up times, kindy has been a royal pain this year! Lol

Whatever you decide to do will bring its own challenges. My brother and his wife have a 10 month gap between their kids.... and honestly - their house is chaos all the time. The kids are now 2 & 3 and they're still quite demanding. However that might also be due to their parenting and inconsistent discipline methods....

I guess there is no 'perfect' gap & whatever you end up with will be what works for you anyway.
My DD1 was 2yrs10mths when DD2 was born. This was great as DD1 was fully tt by 2 & handled being a big sister really well. Since DD2 was able to sit up & play with toys they were/are inseperable! Now we are expecting DS1 in a couple weeks time & DD2 is 3yrs & 3mths she has been fully tt since 2 also. I am worried about school drop offs/pick ups plus how i'll manage having everyone organised & out the door in time LOL!! But i have been happy with our 3yearish gap between kids as both times girls have been out of nappies & quite independent so with a newborn around i can give them activities/snacks etc to keep them occupied while dealing with bub grin

I think you will personally know when its the right time for you.

For us DD1 was 4 in september and DD2 was born in October and DD1 has been fantastic with her lil sister. There's been no jealousy and she is really hands on with helping, she's a little mummy lol.

Growing up i was the youngest of 5, with 13months, 2.5yrs, 7yrs and 9yrs age gaps. Us younger 3 got along until we hit teenage yrs and it wasnt until we were grown up that we developed strong relationships. I'm great friends with my bro that 13 months older and my sis (7yrs) is my bestfriend. The brother thats 2.5yrs older we get along well and the eldest brother i barely have a relationship with.

If you have a strong desire for another one now and know you'll cope then i say go for it! =)
I've got 20 months between DS & DD, they play fabulously together, sometimes not, bit mostly great. Just had another DD so almost 3ys between DD's & my son was 4 & 2/3. They are a great help, but I'm finding it hard with trying to keep the older two entertained/quiet while I feed/settle #3. My brother and I are 5yrs apart, we didn't do hardly anything together.
I have 16 months between dd1 and twin dd's. I absolutely love the close age gap between them. They are the best of friends. In the early days it was like having triplets to take care of but I always changed all their nappy's at the same time, dd1 would have a bottle while I fed the twins, we'd all play together and then they'd all have naps at the same time.
Now I have ds1 and theres a 6 year gap between him and the twins and I also love that as now I can enjoy taking care of 1 baby as opposed to 3!
You will know when the time feels right for another bundle of joy smile
I think 4 or 5 Years is a bit too much of an age gap if you want them to become friends and do stuff with each other, My Nan had 5 children under 5 and she always tells me how much the older children had to help because she had her hands full which I think is really unfair to the older children. As everyone is saying it is really up to you. I just don’t want to be fat and pregnant while she still needs me to play with her and stuff, which is why I am waiting until she is 2 to start trying. There is no right or wrong answer, I’m sure no matter how much of the age gap there is you will still have jealousy at some point and at times you will find it hard.
i have almost 8 yrs between my 2 boys (i was 17 with 1st & not with my hubby) we will have 5yrs and 3 months between #2 and 3 never really planed a big age gap but it works well for us. i had/will have all day to give all off my attention to by baby when the older ones are at school and in the evening i can give all my attention to the older ones as hubby is home to take over from baby.

I think 4 or 5 Years is a bit too much of an age gap if you want them to become friends and do stuff with each other

I think that depends on the personalities moreso than the age gap. My mum is the eldest of 5. 10 years between her and the youngest. Her and her siblings have extremely close relationships and they all live in the same town & see each other all the time.

There is a 2 & 4 yr age gap between me and both my brothers, I'm the youngest and we arnt close & have nothing in common. We are 3 very different personalities. I don't think the age has much to do with being friends at all..... what do you look for a friend? Similarities and parallels to your humour, thoughts, morals & values.

Thanks for all your help! I think your right the age gap wont decide whether they get along well or not their personalities will. My fiance wants to start trying now but i think another year would be better then (hopefully) DD1 will be toilet trained and will be able to understand better whats going on...
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