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Changing your thinking : distraction Lock Rss

Ok the idea here is a bit of a distraction thing for those in here.. Think of 2 good things that have happened today.. It's actually harder than I thought.. but see that as a challenge now to be more positive. friend and I now have a resolve that each nite we will say two good things that happend to each other for ourselves... I will start here.

1; Got to work so made money.

2: Got to leave work early and got paid for doing so. lol grin grin grin
awsum.. thats great.. its really quite hard.. you do not realise how much you get caught up in negative that just trying to think of things positive is a challenge.
My DP and i do something like this, each day when we go to bed we tell each other our favourite thing about the other for the day, might have been a look, or outfit or something that was done or said smile

My two good things that happened today were:

1. it was the first day of summer and super sunny and me and DP sunbathed in the backyard before dinner smile

2. I visited my mum for a catch up (it had been ages!)

what an awesome idea!!

1. my darling husband brought my lunch to work (i didnt even know id forgotten it)

2. i have gotten all the washing up to date this morning so i have the weekend housework free!
I love this idea smile Something positive to spend time thinking about rather than waiting and waiting and waiting and wishing the days away!

My two happy things for today are
1. DH brought me flowers to work!!

2. I got home to find all the housework had been done for me and I only had to relax and enjoy my house instead of spending hour cleaning!!

I'm looking forward to reading what everyone else says about their day smile

glad so many like it.. ok my 3 ffor today: (upping the anti a bit)

1: got a full body therapeutic massage
2: Got to have dinner outside on our new outdoor dining suite an
3: had our kitten Chevy fully crashout on me today .. until i was evil kitten mummy and bathed himlol
Positives for today!
DP road in a road bike race and did so well I'm so Proud of him.
Got to hang out in the sun for the afternoon with some good friends.
Planning to spend morning with my brestfriend on sunday.
Loving life right now

Excellent idea Tands!!

Well my two positives for the day are:

1. - hubby is at work all day so i get to watch dvds that i want to watch!!
2. - i have noticed fruit for the first time on my fruit trees that we planted 7 years ago!!
Great idea Tands.

My two positives for today:

1. Got to spend an entire day BBQing in the sunshine with close friends

2. Had my first mango of the season and it was delicious.

My positives for today are:

1 - Hubby missed me so much last night (I was away with the girls) that he's cooking dinner tonight so I can relax.
2 - I just had an afternoon sleep! I forgot how wonderful those are smile

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