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TTC while breatsfeeding Lock Rss

So DF and I are thinking maybe it's time to start for #2 grin SO EXCITING!

I really have no idea about TTC or anything. DF and I just decided to stop using protection, and if it happened it happened. I wasn't getting regular as i had been off the jab for a year, etc. So it was all a bit messy.

Would i benefit if i brought a ovulation kit and tracked when ovulation is, as I am still breastfeeding and don't always get periods?
Some months i get them, sometimes i don't. It is all very all over the place and I would love to understand my body a bit more.

I would love to hear about your experiences, BFing or not. Any help in this field would be amazing smile

Thanks, Chels smile

I'm not a huge help, but I'm in the same position too. So it will be interesting to see what others say.

We stopped using protection when DS was 4 months (he is now 6 and a half months). I was so happy that DP was just as keen as I was to start trying so soon after DS was born. I have polycystic ovaries and before DS (who was a super surprise baby) my cycles were no way regular. Some would be 25 days between AF and some would be 4 months between AF. But now after having DS, since my periods have come back when he was about 2 months, all of my cycles have been 28-30 days. Which I am so rapt about.

I'm not too clued up on ttc either. Although I have learnt a lot from these lovely ladies on here smile At the moment I am just tracking cervical mucus to try pin point ovulation. I'm not too keen on using the ovulation kits, we just wanna enjoy the baby making without stressing too much about it. However, they may be good in your situation since your cycles are still all over the place.

I hope someone can give you better information than me laugh Goodluck!
I say just rellllaaaaaax and go with the flow. Stress can inhibit fertility. if you launch straight into monitoring yourself, timing have to shag now - I am ovulating can get very stressful, very quickly. Just stop stopping it from happening and spend the time enjoying each others company and romanticising each other. Your baby will turn up when its ready. wink
Hi Chelsnich smile

DH and I decided from the get go that we would continue to have sex without protection...whatever would be, would be.

I didn't get my period until 7 months post-partum and even then I still wasn't sure if I was ovulating. We tried for 3 'cycles' without using OPK's or making a 'Science' out of it, so to say.

When DS was 9 months I switched him to formula after contracting an infection in my nipple.

We did indeed fall pregnant in our November cycle and although we used OPK's and did some form of charting I think my body really was just waiting for me to finish breastfeeding DS. I had every intention of continuing BF until DS was a year old and I honestly believe I wouldn't have fallen pregnant if I hadn't switched to FF, although as you know it is common to fall pregnant while BF.

HOWEVER, I didn't stop BF DS to fall pregnant. I genuinely could not continue BF in one breast which left DS unsatisfied and me EXTREMELY engorged. I started using OPK's to find out if I was ovulating or not and sure enough I was.

Like OC said just enjoy each others company and let nature take it's course and see where you head. If you don't manage to fall pregnant while BF then don't be too disheartened, if you do then it is a massive bonus!
Thanks ladies smile

I guess i just really wanna know what is 'normal' for me and what isn't. I know stressing can delay it all. This is why DF and I just said if it happens it happens with DD. 4 months it took and bam! We had a baby lol smile
I haven't had a regular period for soooooooooo long, i would love to get to know my body before we try for another, hence why i asked about just starting the ovulating kits now.

I guess like you Nic, i will only really know when i stop breastfeeding. I think after 8 months i will start to look at stopping BFing and just having DD FF. By then it will be clear weather it is all go or TTC or not smile

Laura.Jane, Good Luck! Don't think this post was very helpful grin

Yay for ttc! I got pregnant whilst still bfeeding but not on purpose!
I got my periods back when my little one was 8 months old & had had 4 irregular periods & i got pregnant the one and only time we didnt use protection!! Good luck smile

We wanted to strat trying again pritty much right away so we never used any contriception. I continued BF and when my periods still hadn't returned at around 8 months and we were having some major biting issues we tried to wean DD to the bottle but she wouldn't have anything of it. We pushed trough that and after 12 months still no period we started slowely reducing feeds (it was only 4 before that so not all day and night or anything), anyway, when i got down to one feed before bed i finally got pregnant grin . My DD loves being BF so much that we have just kept that one feed and she will drop it when she is ready.

It can be a very frustrating wait but at least we weren't that stressed about actually TTC as we had to wait for ovulation to return to try anyway so there was nothing we could do. We were just insanely lucky to suceed on the first one without even knowing it had occoured. In your case, i probably would try a test just to see if you are actually ovulating as period doesn't always mean ovulation and just try to take it easy, there isn't really alot we can do anyway. Good luck grin

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