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Can you fall pregnant using!!!!!!!!!!! Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

Just a quick question, has anyone fallen pregnant using the withdrawal method or is it even possible?

Yes it is possible! Very possible. It has never happened to me, as we don't use that method when not TTC but it only takes one sperm to get through and you can get pregnant!

The only reason i ask is, when we were away at Christmas time we got stuck without any condoms and we used this method once (you wouldn't believe it hubby hardly ever wants sex and he wanted it when we had no protection).
And the last week i have been feeling a bit off and Ryan seems to be going off breastfeeding a bit BUT i am sure it will be something else anyway as i haven't even started cycling after having Ryan (my 10 month old) yet but then again i feel pregnant with Ryan without cycling after i had Luke.

Does all that make sense?
Sorry if the PP was TMI.
Yep! That's how I fell with DD. smile

Yep you can definitely get pregnant, that's how my friend accidently conceived her bubba. When are you due for AF? It must be soon? If I am ever in doubt, I have to test. I just need to know one way or the other. So go do a test! Let us know how you go smile

i have no idea when AF is due!!! i haven't had AF in over three years (since i fell pregnant with my first) We live out of town so the next time i go into town i might buy a test just to be on the safe side.
we have been using this method since the birth of my son 9 months ago but last week it was my ovulation time and he didnt pull out so now im hoping i didnt get preg

Yep you can.
This is the method that my DH and I are using ATM. We use it because he thinks it works and doesn't mind- actually wants- if another baby arrives and I don't care enough about preventing a pregnancy to warrant changing the method.
BUT it is like playing russian rouette, it is a very flawed concept.
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You sure can!
My first pregnancy (which ended with a miscarriage) was the result of using the withdrawal method!
I conceived when using this method.
WOW - Maybe i should test sooner rather than later. It was a once only so surely i wont be. unsure

Not that it is any big deal if we are, as we have been talking about having a third just not quiet so soon.
UPDATE! So today my 10 month old will not drink at all!!!! sad
I have been on a mainly protein diet so i don't know if that has anything to do with it, but i will stop that until i find out whats going on.
And i just expressed to ease my poor boobs and the milk was really dark! I don't know what going on blink

Any other thoughs???

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