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what multi do you take Lock Rss

I take Blackmores Conceive Well. You have to take 1 tablet, and 1 capsule daily and they are both quite large! :/ The capsule is easy, but I snap the tablet in half.

It contains fish oil also, and selenium at 65mg.

Does anyone know if the others contain the CoQ10? Or what that does? Haha, I just saw good reviews about this multi so thought may as well give it a go.

i am taking elevit at the moment, and did with my first child. i absoutly love it! it may not contain omega 3, but i love tuna, and have foods that have added omega 3 (walnuts are very good for you)Elevit tends to have the highest folate in it, which i think is more important than omega 3, in the early stages anyway. it also contains iodine these days, which also is very important. i have never had a problem being on elevit, and my midwife commented on how perfect my iron levels were.
i guess, you go with what you like, it's like skincare, it's different for everyone.
Hi, i was taking the blackmores pregnancy & breastfeeding ones. it came in a large 3 month supply. Down fall is that they were quite big, and i think it was 2 everyday. It had nearly everything in it! so i didnt have to take anything else.
I'm using metagenics pregnancy care. It is the only one with 1000iu of vitamin d and has more iron and folic than elevit.

Vit d is essential to stop rickets and other deformities in pregnancy. I have been told by my ob to take 2000iu so I take extra, because my levels are half what supposed to be
hi there, i am not trying to sell you elevit, but on the elevit website, they have a chart of ingredients from other brands, when you look at some of them, they are quite low. for example swisse only has 5mg of iron, and elevit has 60mg. it may not sound that important, but the further the long pregnant you are, the docs will check iron levels.
just thought i would let you know there is a chart, so you can look for yourself. here is the website :
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