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Get a life Lock Rss

I have been watching this forum for a long time now and can't bite my tongue any longer. Do any of you women really know what you are all talking about???? I mean seriously you take the advice of strangers when you can go ask your doctor. So many do-goodies on here that think they know everything. Del_purcell are you some sort of doctor? You seem to think you know everything, how about you get a life and going by what I have read your advice means nothing when you can't even sustain a pregnancy. Skippy and the something, can't remember your name but you seem to have opinion on everything. These are just two women that clearly don't have life and believe me there is plenty more but thm two are the ones that seem to think there the fertility god.
Get a life people and stop taking advice from someone that clearly thinks they no it all.
Wow! Do you feel better about yourself now?
Here's a suggestion; if you don't like reading peoples advice and opinions, stay the f* off of forums!

Your mind is a garden, your thoughts are the seeds,
You can grow flowers or you can grow weeds.

Looking for a fight hey? Well, I'll bite ..... if you don't like it don't read it! I think it's you that needs to get a life my dear .......
roll eyes Feel better now?
I wasn't going to post but....

That's just disgusting, you come on here and your first post is to insult the mums on here?! angry
I may only be a new member but from what I have seen through browsing this site, these woman know a hell of alot more through their own experiences than what any doctor could!

If you have a problem, why come on here??! blink
Maybe your the one who needs to get a life?
Oh go away (putting it nicely!! angry) !!!! If it werent for the women on this forum (ESPECIALLY THE ONES MENTIONED!!!) I would be lost... Not all of us have the luxury of having people to give good old fashioned advice!!! & Im sure as hell not running off to my GP just cause my DD is teething... AND to the above mentioned ladies.... THANK YOU!!!! your advice means a hell of a lot to someone in my position!!!! To OP.. Go find something productive to do with your day!!!
anyone else thinking this was a troll with munchausen who wasnt getting enough attention so she has decided to just pick a fight and then sit back and watch everyone go nuts at her.

lol just ignore i say, boring...
you really are an awful person - and if you really are "goingtobeamummy" then i hope to god that you grow a heart before you have a child. you have no idea what people on this forum go thru so maybe before you open your horrible mouth, try engaging your brain. And maybe, here's a thought!! If you don't like what you read, why don't you just p!ss off, no one asked for your opnion anyway.

Del - you are the loveliest person i have ever had the pleasure to have in my life xxx
Seriously DO NOT even bother responding to this, its for attention and should b ignored

To the OP, if you don't have anything constructive to say you shouldn't have bothered posting. Time for you to leave Huggies.

Has it ever occured to you that the reason why we ask one another for advice is because we all go through the same thing? Like..Pregnancy, Raising a baby, Toddler tantrums etc etc..the list is endless!

Some women get great advice from others (because they've been there done that) than the bloody doctor who probably doesnt have kids! blink

I bet you used to be a well known member..cancelled your membership only to rejoin again to give everyone sh!t. So why dont YOU get a life wink
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