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TTC MARCH 2012 Lock Rss

firstly good luck to every one grin

secondly am in the right group or should i be in ttc april? we are starting to ttc this month?/
So i wont be testing until april i guess??

And i thought id ask you all i got my P's tonight at 9pm. do i count today 2.3.12 as the 1st day of my period or tomorrow? see id ussually be in bed by 9pm and ther for i would have woken up with them and then dated tomorrow as the 1st day :/

We really want to try conceive this month its all very scary i only have 1 fallioian tube as some may know from my post a few days ago. And i havent tryed for a baby since my op last year so very nervous :/ they say ectopic is more commonj if ive had one already???

m now very excited but super nervous 14days and we could be making our baby grin xx

I would stay in here till April gets closer and I you count the first FULL day of bleeding as CD1 so today is CD1.
Good luck hopefully the TTC journey is not a long one.

OK, I tested again today with a First Response and I'm very excited to say it is an obvious line and I'm going to call it a BFP smile
Good luck to you ladies. I hope to see some more BFPs here in the next couple of days as I know some of you are due to test soon.

YAY congrats all the best for your pregnancy

I tested this morning and got the faintest of faint lines- but still a line! I will be re-testing tomorrow morning for hopefully a better result smile

Congrats hopefully tomorrow brings stronger results.

So I am 8DPO and dying to test ARGH trying to hold off but so hard lol.
My BBT has been increasing steadily which is unusual for me it's usually pretty erratic, also CM is slippery and usually it goes lotion like after O.
Oh and last 2 days when I take my bra off my BB feel sore and nipple especially. I really really hope this is our month!!

ok so i did a test yesterday and got a bfn totally expected as i was only 7dpo so i know it was too early but having pregnancy tests in the house is a dangerous thing!!!!!! laugh so today i am 8dpo and for the last few days my nipples have been really sensitive so heres hoping for a bfp for me and for all you lovely ladies!!! hubby was away on ovulation day but we did bd the night before he left which was only the day before ov so we will see what happens!! good luck girls!!!

Scarlett 19/01/06. Hamish 16/07/07. Isla 05/02/13.

WOW there's already 2 BFP'S!!!! Congratulations that's fantastic news... I've had my positive OPK but no BD'ing leading up to O, only the night i got the positive...hmmm not feeling overly confident that we'll have caught little eggie...i always feel more confident when we've tried a few times before hand. but anyway. as my mother use to warn me when i was younger 'it only takes one time!' here's hoping!!!!!

My sister announced she's pregnant last night. I'm soooo excited for her. They've been trying for years and ended up doing it with no assistance. I'm so happy for her. Now i just want to hurry up and fall too so that we can share the expeirence together!
Yesterday my BBT dipped after having flat temps and then went back up this morning, my BBT is always erratic so I'm hoping this is a good sign and possibly the dip was implantation as yesterday I had cramping and some small stabs. Also last night I had a dream that my teeth fell out and I used to have this dream a bit in my other pregnancies.
Today is 10DPO so I'm hoping maybe tomorrow or Wednesday I might get a BFP.

I tested this morning and got a BFP!!! Sooooo excited!!! Now I need a good way to tell DP... He is at work at the moment and I don't want to tell him over the phone. Has anyone got any suggestions?

Congrats wishing you all the best.
With my last pregnancy DH was at golf and I knew I could not ring him so I just left the test on the bathroom counter and when he got home told him to have a look at what I left him on the counter.
Maybe take a picture of it and send it to him, or find a box and put the test in and wrap it up, cook his fav meal and present him with his gift

Thanks hun! I hope you get a BFP in a few days smile do u think it would be cool if I got my 2.5 year old DS to take it to him an say I'm going to be a big brother?

Congratulations on your BFP... and that sounds cute for your little one to present the test to your hubby..

AFM i am waiting till tomorrow to test as i have a feeling AF is about to arrive...
Well I couldn't wait any longer and decided to POAS this morning at 11DPO and BFN sad . AF is not due till Friday but I have lost hope now, just have to wait for AF to arrive now this is one of my longest cycles which sucks.
Good luck ladies

It's not over yet Hun! I only got my positive at 13 DPO so maybe test tomorrow?

Yeah I know but just seeing the BFN really deflated me this is cycle #7 and my longest journey so far. I have read lots of stories of women getting a positive after neg and I was one of them with my last pregnancy I dont know what DPO it was as I didn't chart but it was before AF

Thank you. All the best for your pregnancy

Wow!! Congrats to those that have had a + result!!!
I have just got my first O kit, never done one before because it just sort of happened on its own! Any tips anyone can give me? My AF not due until 30th this month ( came a week early last time).
Nut i am very excited and would really love another baby.
Goodluck to all those that are testing soon, fingers and toes xxxx[/img][/url]

How'd you go Hun with testing? My fingers are crossed for you!!!!!

I haven't tested yet because i have been getting AF symptoms since yesterday... CD28 but it hasnt arrived yet... i am still getting AF symptoms, so i guess she is on her way... if she doesnt arrive tonight then i will test and see what happens smile
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