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TTC MARCH 2012 Lock Rss

Well DH finally arrived back from his week away at work last night and i haven't O yet...I think lol
So hopefully this might be our month.... fingers crossed smile
Thanks Del! It is frustrating, I work on a mine site and I've been tempted to ask our medic if we have tests in our little pharmacy type thing but I'm too embarrassed lol.

Goodluck young&hopeful. Hopefully you catch that egg smile
I caved this morning and did a test....BFN sad I'm not due until the weekend, so i don't know why i'm surprised...but not feeling confident at all now. I used the First Response, which i never used with previous pregnancies, and thought that maybe it would show up early givne it's one of the better tests. i'm hoping that i'm just one of those women who it won't show up for early on (especially considering both previous pregnancies didn't show anything up until a few days overdue). I'm so over this waiting game...and the trying game. i'm sick of having to 'time' sex. We only BD'd the night the ovulation kit gave a positive and the night after....worried it wasn't enough. AHHHH sorry i just wanted to vent. I'm sick of looking at the calendar and thinking about how many weeks i should be pregnant with the baby we lost last year, and not even being a day pregnant. i'm so worried the due date for our last baby will come around and i'll still be in this spot. OK, vent over. I'll wait till Saturday now to test....if i last that long.

how's everyone else going????
meant to say i used other tests (Pregnosis and Clear Blue) on other pregnancies which didn't show up positive til after i was overdue. have never had positive with first response as didn't use it last time!
well after being a week late and confused with loads of pain... AF finally decided to show her ugly face...

so off to April for me... Good luck to all you girls waiting to test
Well the deed is done and now we are in the TWW. This will definately be my last try so lets see what happens. I think I will faint if it works. Absolutely convinced that it won't happen

Any way, just going to get on with things and not think about it too much. If it doesn't happen I think I will go out and find a job - start to get things back to normal again.

I am actually excited about what the future holds. I could certainly do without the constant baby pressure. I think that it has dominated my thoughts for long enough.

Good luck everyone.

Hi Everyone,
I am Nic, 28. DF and I have an 18 month old DS. We are TTC #2 this month, but due to having PCOS, Im not sure if I am going to ovulate this month or not, but thought I would join the thread anyway.

Do any of you other lovely ladies have PCOS??

It took us 18 months to fall pregnant with DS, which included 3 failed Clomid cycles! Im hoping it doesnt take that long this time. smile

Looking forward to sharing our journeys together and I hope there are some BFP's this month aswell.

Baby Dust to Everyone..

Nic xx

Hi all
Sooo happy to hear we have had a few BFP's, hopefully we will have a few more to follow.

AFM- well we bedded twice 2 days before the big O but nothing after. We are hoping to increase our chances of a baby girl. Not feeling really positive that we have caught the egg, but I guess it only takes one time(if your lucky)so I may still be heading over to April. Won't be testing til either the 21st-22nd unless of course AF shows first.
Well hoping to hear some more BFP's.
Bets of luck Ladies xxx

Well i'm only days away from when my AF should be due. It's been like clock work since i had a miscarraiage last year...but then this morning i've got light pink/red half of me desperately hopes it's an implantation bleed....but i'm not confident that that's what it is. my period normally starts like it looks like my bodies just decided to have it come early. Stupid, stupid witch!!!! Looks like i'll be heading to April thread. I'm so disappointed. feeling extremely flat. i really don't know how we're going to keep going with this journey. every month feels so long and lacking hope. I'm so sick of watching the calendar, thinking about it everyday, and trying to keep myself busy in that two week wait period, so that i don't go completely nuts. i can't even picture us having another pregnancy now. well, i guess that's my little whinge for today. sorry for offloading...but it was all going around in my head. good luck everyone.
Well its waiting time!!! Probably the longest two weeks ever!!! lol
I will b testing around the 30th, if it doesnt work i guess we are off to the April thread sad
Fingers crossed for everyone out there![/img][/url]

Good luck Ladies Xxxx

Sending loads of baby dust Xxx
I am TTC this month as well, so far I've got a BFN but will be testing again in 2 weeks.. Here is hoping I have a preg buddy smile

Hello Ladies

here i am TTC for a BFP in March...

who is going to join me grin
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