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Am I pregnant Already? Lock Rss

Hi There

I came off the pill appox 3rd January, and had withdrawal bleeding over the following days. I usually have a 28 day cycle. Today is the 3rd of March and I did a pregnancy test this morning and had a faint line in the positive section. It was on a test that can detect as low as 10mlu. I have tried another test this arvo that detects as low as 25mlu and seems negative although the positive line sorta lit up as it was working.
I dunno I know I probably just have to wait a little longer but as you all know it's hard and thats why we come on here lol. But would love your thoughts on it.

Cheers SJ

Sounds positive! A line is a line, congrats smile

firstly, i hope you are pregnant. usually any kind of line in the positive strip means you're pregnant. however, twice i have had a faint line in the positive strip when i did pregnancy tests but when i retested it was negative & then went on to get my period. i'm thinking that perhaps i did it a little early & possibly i had conceived but then went on to have a period, which i believe is quite common. i think you're gonna just have to wait - frustrating i know, especially when you really are wanting it (believe me, i know what thats like). fingers crossed, its great news.
It only took me one month off the pill!!!! Went off it the start of May last yr, and was pregnant in June! Just about to drop my baby any day now! lol
Good luck.. I hope your pregnant! smile
Well, as PP said, a line is a line! If there's a second line on your test, then you're pregnant!!
Test again in two days (or tomorrow if you just can't wait) and hopefully there will be two bright lines looking back at you!
Good luck smile

I am getting low back pain and period like cramps is this normal?

You could be. I fell pregnant with DD the month I came off the pill. I didnt get any cramps though. If it wasnt a clear positive you may have tested early as your cycle can vary after the pill as it helps keep the cycle length. I would wait a couple of days (if AF doesnt show) and test again.

Fingers crossed for you.

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