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Concieving after Implanon Lock Rss

Hi guys,

My husband and I are also in the process to ttc. I've had the implanon in my system for 7 years now and if all goes to plan will be getting it out in the next few weeks however we're not actually hoping to get pregnant for a few months. I'm so conflicted, my gp has told me it will take a few months to conceive hence why I'm getting it out shortly, I'm very paranoid that if I leave it in for too much longer that it will delay us getting pregnant. I then read websites however where women share their experiences of conceiving quite soon after implanon removal. I know there's no hard and fast rules so am going with my gut and not doing anything which may delay our conception, I'm taking pregnancy vitamins to prepare my body for the next few months, as much as I want to be pregnant this second it's just not the best time and I know that if we can stick it out an extra month or so we'll be in a much better situation.

Good luck to all the couples out there ttc and god luck to my husband and I also

I had implanon for a year or so and fell pregnant straight away!

Good luck smile)

I got my implanon taken out March 7th and my cycle came on the 21st exactly 2 weeks after i got my implanon removed and then April 16th I found out i was pregnant off of 2 pregnancy test and now i am 4 weeks pregnant the only thing now is i have heard that you can become pregnant with twins when you conceive after implanon. Has anyone had that experience?

and good luck to all ttc grin
Hi there,

Hi there, I'm 35 and I had the implanon for 6 years. I had it removed on the 4th July - exactly one month before it was due to be replaced. I had a breakthrough period 2 days later (which was the result of it being removed the doctor said, so it was not really a "real" period)

On the 1st August I had a "real" period and it lasted for the normal 4 days. I did a pregnancy test at the due time of my next period. And it was positive!!! I am due to have my baby in May. All my blood tests are normal and the doctor couldn't be happier for us. My husband is over the moon!

Just saying ladies, you can get pregnant quick after it has been removed smile
Hi all,

Just thought Id post a NEW comment to this forum because when I was TTC, I came across this forum and was concerned about how long it would take before I got my BFP!
I had used implanon for 5.5 years and we successfully conceived on our 5th cycle of trying !!!
Our GP advised that it can take our bodies 3 months to go back to normal so I think 5 months was lucky smile
Goodluck all !
i had implanon in out and back in for 12 years, until i had it removed in October last year. we have been trying since.
in the last 10 days i have felt like maybe i am pregnant but this mornings test was negative sad
my period has been settling back to normal so hopefully I'll soon see two little lines....

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