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  5. Brown pink brown discharge 2 weeks after period??

Brown pink brown discharge 2 weeks after period?? Lock Rss

I just realised i missed about 5 days worth of pills while moving house etc then i had sex on monday night, today i ahd a brown pink discharge which is now gone and a slight back pain and little cramp, im not wanting to or trying to get pregnant but could this be implantation?? how long till i could accurately test??

you wont know for definite until you can test and get a result. You can normally use home tests from the day after your period was due, sometimes they can take a few more days to show up. So if your period was already due then you could try doing a test and see what happens.

Or it could just have been a period but different to normal, sometimes stress like moving house can be stressful which can play havoc with our bodies. (not everyone but most find it stressful)

Were you due for your period
If you mean you had sex last night then that pretty quick for implantation from what ive read it can take upto around a week but im not an expert.

Take care of yourself either way and enjoy your new home
Thanks, we did it last week aswell when i forgot to take them so twice in that period, i am not due for another two weeks so im really not sure i have never had this due to stressful situations before but its very possible?? i dont know i wanna test for peace of mind but know its way to early maybe on the weekend just to be safe mmmm

Hi there, I would just say it's because you forgot to take the pill for a few days. I was on the pill for years and on the odd occasion would forget to take it and would get the same as what you have been getting.
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