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Ovulation on CD 20/21 of a 28 Day cycle Lock Rss

Hi There

TTC #2 and started charting this cycle. I seem to be ovulating on Cycle day 20/21 of a 28 days cycle. Is this going to reduce my chances of pregnancy?

Short answer, yes it will reduce your chances.

It's ideal to have a luteal phase (the length between ovulation and AF arriving) of 10-16 days. Anything less than 10 days makes it more unlikely that you will sustain a pregnancy. You can correct this. I know my acupuncture therapist said they have great success with altering the length of phases. Vitamin b6 supplements can also help. See your GP.

Here's some more info.
Hi there, I have just ovulated on cd21/22 but unsure how long my cycle will be this month. Ive been charting for the last 2 months and the 1st month my cycle was 30 days, and last month it was 28 (that was while taking clomoid). This month all I took was Vitex & EPO, so am hoping that it all works out this month - guess time can only tell now!

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PP is right, having a short luteal phase can lower your chances of being able to sustain a pregnancy.
I used to have a shortish luteal phase but I started taking vitamin B6 every day and within a month it went from 11 days to 13 days, and the second month I got pregnant! Once I fell pregnant, I also kept taking 50mg of vitamin B6 until the end of my first trimester.

Give the B6 a try and if that doesn't work, talk to your doctor.

Good luck smile

I am 24 weeks pregnant and concieved and sustained this pregnancy on an 8 day LP. It can happen but it may take a while for it to happen!
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