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JUNE 2012 Lock Rss

Hey ladies

thought i would start off for our next month of June TTC group.

good luck to everyone and sending lots of baby dust.
I was wondering if we could have a record of everyone at the moment who are TTC and i can keep the list update smile

Look forward to hearing from u all

Hi Jen

June is hopfully going to be our month! We are TTC # 2, this is our 5th cycle. My last cycle was 42 days and they are all over so have started on B6 and Vitex to hopefully help.

So add me to the TTC list, hopefully I won't need to be on there long.

Tracey smile

After a MC in Dec, my husband and I will be TTC around the end of June/Jul. At this stage I am currently trying to lose weight (have so far lost about 7kgs. Hopefully by the end of June I would have lost at least another 7kgs! Fingers crossed - Hopefully this weight lost will also help with TTC. We already have twin girls aged 5 - so a multiple pregnancy is high on the cards again! Good luck to everyone!!

I have started a wee while ago FB page for us TTC mums. You are all more than welcome to join.
to join please let me know or add me on fb, or try the links i have provided.
Look forward to seeing you on there

Hello ladies smile
My OH and I are hoping for a bfp late May, early June smile fingers crossed for an awesome birthday present for my son in June!!!!
Let's hope this is the month. Quite depressed lately considering been ttc 16mths, been to the docs can't find anything that could be effecting fertility. I have yet to even use a pregnancy test.
Hope others are more successful.
Hi ladies, thought I'd jump in here.

I'm Jessi. Have two boys already (2yo and a 4 month old). Going to start TTC in June. Would be TTC now as both DF and I are super keen, but we want to keep the pregnancy secret a while and my Hens/Birthday party is 2nd of June so to save me coming up with a whole bunch of excuses to hide the pregnancy in regards to me not drinking, figured we'd wait the extra 4 weeks. I don't usually drink ever, so had it been any other ocassion, no one would expect me to drink but given that I'm the guest of honour, I know they'll hassle me to. We had to annouce our first two pregnancies early due to me working in a dangerous environment and going onto light duties straight away and then the news leaking to colleagues then friends etc. So we just announced it to friends first, at 5 weeks. But as of last week, I was made redundant so don't have to worry about it this time. Yay. So would love to be able to keep it a secret. It's all a bit exciting.

Thats a bit of background on me, sorry for the length haha. Look forward to chatting.
Let's hope June is our month ladies!

I am now taking Vitex & B6 and really hope it helps in regulating my cycles this month. After a lengthy 42 day cycle last month I really had thought I was pregnanct and when AF arrived was so dissapointed. I must be the least fertile in my family....all 3 of my sisters have fallen pregnant easily but me no!

So along with my vitamins and maybe baby ovulation tester I am really hoping I can pinpoint when I ovulate this month....or it may just show I don't ovulate in which case I will be straight to the doctor.

So good luck everyone! Baby dust to all xx
hi, you can add me to the list please although im not sure when it could happen. i had a m/c in feb which was quite early but still was a blessing, have just started ttc again. we have a 22 month old georgous little man who is my everything next to my husband and am hoping to give him a brother or sister before my time is up, so thats my story. my cycles still seem to be a bit out of whack since feb, may be affecting when i ovulate. who knows, anyway have to keep trying. xoxo
Hi Lovely Ladies

Looks like I'm joining you in the June thread! AF arrived today sad

Here's hoping June is our month!

SJ xx

Hi Lovely Ladies

Looks like I'm joining you in the June thread! AF arrived today sad

Here's hoping June is our month!

SJ xx

Hi Ladies,

Could you add me to the June list too please. DF and I have been TTC for 3 months now. I already have an almost 6 year old son to my previous partner and would really love to give him a sibling to play with smile

I am taking Fertilaid, Evening Primrose oil tablets and doing a bit of acupuncture so hopefully all that combined will help.

Good luck everyone x

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