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Clomid? Rss

Did you get your CD22 bloods taken? That's the only way for them to confirm if you have ovulated.... and you should be able to ring up for those results. If you didn't ovulate, well then you probably won't be getting a BFP - but if you did ovulate, and it's been longer than 14 days since Ovulation, then you might be pregnant and it just isn't being picked up on the HPT. All your symptoms sound promising though smile

hi there, i was on clomid for about 8 months, but didnt conceive, it has taken us 5 and a half years and several miscarriages. after a d and c and polyp removal, Im 4 wks pregnant!!! but my progesterone was low, so im on tablets.

good luck smile

Hi, i am on my 1st round of Clomid after 18months ttc no #2 and finding out i don't ovulate naturally anymore. Clomid was taken days 2-6 I had a positive OPK CD13, BD days 10-17 and then again CD 22 using preseed. I have had a sore throat most of cycle but it has gotten worse last 4-5 days, am now 3 days late for AF, have strange cramping (not like AF at all) excessive EWCM, i keep thinking AF has arrived due to wetness if that makes sense (sorry tmi), headache, nausea, sore breasts on sides and like shooting electric current pains off and on in them, extremely tired, waking up really hungry (unusual for me)and a few dizzy spells. Tested today and BFN. I know Clomid side effects can be similar to pregnancy symptoms. I know i have to wait and see what happens. I don't get back to Gyno until 16th to find out even if i ovulated. I guess i'm asking has anyone had these symptoms and gone on to be pregnant? and has anyone had these symptoms and turns out they weren't pregnant? Any help would be appreciated please. Thanks smile

Hi Benbunny,
When I took clomid to conceive my 1st I got my BFP on the first month, but I tested about 1-2 days after AF was due and it was only really faint. I knew exactly when I ovulated too but didn't get a clear line until about 18dpo I think - fingers crossed you are in luck smile

PS - Your GP might have been copied in on your bloods (I know mine is) so perhaps ring them instead smile
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