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I've done a silly thing Lock Rss

Everyone does things different to everyone for a reason, sorry for your loss,

way to go with the hand clapping its always so exciting when they do something special
Hugs hun it seems like a big thing with the family to be putting up with up

With the doctors thing I'm not going to tell you you did a naughty a thing because when we are desperate and want answers we do things we normally wouldn't do!
Any one who has had a mc will understand the pain and you just wanna know where you stand I can't blame you hun I was a demanding sod of a thing with my doc with the last mc in feb.

I think the thought was there with your sil but I would be a bit uncomfortable too to be honest, maybe just place it in a safe spot and hand it back in a couple of weeks I know she prob thought she was helping but could she also be trying to scare you to??

Take some time for you hun and don't let the in laws get to you just block there crap out and I hope the doc thinks he did lol just think they have many people to get three he prob will think he did it, good luck sweetie
If you doctor is anything like mine he wont even notice! He will probably think he wrote it one the form himself.

I'm so sorry for your loss and that your family are causing more stress and making you more upset. Could you ask them that you need time to grieve on your own and could they not visit for a few weeks? They seem to be causing more harm then good and you don't need that right now.

I hope that everything works out for you

T xo

Maybe just keep it to yourself next time (and I know how hard it is as I'm extremely open too) and if they ask just say we don't agree, so let's just not talk about it. I don't know, something like that.... that way you won't be disappointed with their reactions.
Sorry how its all going for you. And you know you can come on here and tell all of us what's going on so you don't bust.
Good luck today.
Try not to worry about the form, I agree that the dr might just think he wrote it or he will understand that you just thought he forgot to put it on so you added it. I'm surprised he didn't put it on?? Ask for a print out of your results if he doesn't discuss the level and your too scared to ask the result.

I think it is completely fair of you to return the blanket now. I would say thank you for the kind thought but you are too worried that something will happen to it while you have it and you'd rather return it. I don't think that's at all offensive. That's kind of odd even though she meant well I would be exactly like you and not want to even touch it.

It doesn't matter what other people think you should do! As hard as it is try to block them out, it is so irritating when people think they know what's better for you when your quite capable of deciding it yourself. Hang in there sweet heart, thinking of you today xx
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