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Hi I have been thinking about this for sometime and I would really like to help a loving couple have a baby.I have 1 ds via caeserian and would have to be done through ceasarian as I cant have children vaginally.Iv done some research and beleive its legal.Im 21 years of age am of good health I dont drink or take any substances for recreation or other.I am a smoker however did not smoke during pregnancy and would be more than happy to stop again.Breaks my heart to see these jeremy kyle like programmes with mothers that dnt want babys and have a handful.Drink with no concern for there unborn child.If anybody is genuinly interested get back to me and can exchange contact details ect.THIS IS A SERIOUS OFFER for the right people.I live in chch
Firstly let me say what a wonderful thing it is you are thinking of doing.Being someone myself who may need to turn to surrogacy in order to fulfill our dreams of becomming parents, I think it's wonderful that you are considering it.

Im not sure about the legalities in NZ but in Australia the birth mother must be over 25 and have finished having their own family.

Wishing you all the very best xx
I did some research it is legal just not to make a profit,obviously I think that would be immoral and wrong.I would like one more child one day my ds is 5 and a half months.Im not sure why they demand you be of a certain age I never realised that Im sure the age I am is a very good age to have a healthy pregnancy.I will do some more research thankyou for lettng me know of age ect.Best of luck hun xx
age of surrogate is 21-42 and must have had one child of there own wich I have
That is a really amazing thing that you have offered and i hope you can give someone a baby!! I wish surrogacy was legal here in oz as i think its an amazing gift you are giving somebody.
Hey there, surrogacy is legal in Australia except NSW and NZ too which is great news. I just recently went down this very path with a very deserving couple but unfortunately for us it didn't work out in the end. It is wonderful that you would consider this for someone, i am in Australia so the laws are a bit different but i had to be over the age of 25 and while they suggest you have had at least one baby they highly recommend you have 100% finished your own family. I am 25 have 2 kids and even then the clinic were reluctant to approve me due to 'lack of life experience' there are lots of counseling sessions to get through, medical tests lawyers ect your partner/hubby ect must be on board and support your decision, it really has to be something you both want to do as he must attend the counseling sessions ect. I have a lot of information if you want to know more so just pm me if you have any questions.
Hey thankyou for sharing your experience,Im 100 percent certain I want to me and partner have broken up so thats not an issue lol.I dont understand why you cant do all of that with the couple and a lawyer.Im not sure if I want to have appointment after appointment with a councilor 1 or 2 sure.They really do make it hard to try and help people.Is it compulsory to go through the above? I have a 5 and a half month old son so obviously have my hands full
hi we are seriously looking for a surrogate in NZ and wanting to start as soon as we can. please take a look at our details/profile
It is not only legal in most countries, but also a very selfless act. I am so happy that we still have humans with hearts. What you are thinking to do is nevertheless a painful procedure for you emotionally and physically. However, it is a pleasure when you see the couple's faces light up as they hold the baby you gave birth to. I had surrogacy, and I know I can never be ungrateful to the surrogate mother. If it wasn't for her, DH and I would have been at a very different place in life. Go ahead and make someone happy, you'd be happier.
hey. How are you? I hope everything goes well for you. You must be a little nervous too. Do not be worried about anything. I am sure that you have chosen a perfect place for your treatment. Try to watch some youtube videos. There are many regarding surrogacy. Some days ago I found one which had listed all the common mistakes a person makes during surrogacy. You should really watch that one. It will really help you out. The starting tests are very easy. Which clinic are you going to? I hope the place is good for this treatment. You cant really just trust anyone with such a delicate job.
Such a great thought.
Cheers to you lady!
We need more peoples like you in this world. who understands the pain of infertile persons.
Such a beautiful soul you women are.
Many women have trust issues over surrogates about how would they carry their baby and many other confusions that they often worried about.
But your decision and this post would make them believe that such good surrogates do exist.
Have a good life.
Hi. Any updates on your friend's procedure? I'm waiting with my fingers crossed! My sister wants to have IVF, too. As I have no ovaries, I can't suggest her anything. I'm not experienced with IVF. I told her to have surrogacy like I did. But she wants to experience it all. Please update soon xx
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