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Can some one please help me :) Lock Rss

Hi smile
Im ttc and have just started my cycle I'm on cd2 and want to try a ovulation predictor kit, I would like some advice please on what one you may of tried and how is easy was to use?
I don't want to try the maybe baby one I think it's called is that the saliva testing one lol it's just not in my price range at the moment and thought tips etc would be much appreciated thank you smile xx

Hi there, the maybe baby is one of the more popular ones sold at the pharmacy that I work at. There is one called ovuplan which is a disposable urine test that comes with 7 ovulation tests plus a pregnancy test, it costs about $35. You would be far better off trying to save the extra $$ & buying the maybe baby as it is re-useable. Maybe shop around if possible as you will find different pharmacies have big price differences smile

Thank you for taking the time to reply smile
I haven't really had the chance to have a proper look yet lol but I will keep them
In mind thank you.
Does first response have a ovulation kit?? I thought I saw one in the super market it wasn't paying complete attention though lol.
I used the cheap ones off ebay, and they worked just as well as the expensive ones.
You need to test twice a day, at around 11am and 5pm. Never use an OPK first thing in the morning as it will look positive but it will be a false reading.

IMO, the best way to pin point ovulation is through taking your BBT every morning before you get out of bed and recording the data in fertility friend.

Good luck smile

like pp said - use fertility friend (just google it) all you have to do is measure your temperature each morning before you get up and record it on this site. it will tell you when you ovulated, during the second month of recording it will give you an estimate of when your due to ovulate and have your period. its free so its the cheapest way to find when you ovulate

I'm another fertility friend user and I love it.
I used cheap ones of ebay (40 ov tests + 20 preg tests) for $15 posted I think and were pretty quick to arrive. They were spot on, though the preg tests weren't very sensitive but still came positive when they were needed. Only needed them for 1 cycle.

Found having heaps was good if you needed to start tracking when you O'd and if you a POAS addict like me lol

I bought a 100pk off this website for $36.00. They seem to work fine.
Have to agree with the cheap ebay ones. I found them great, worked a treat for me. Fell pregnant the second month of using them and now I'm holding my new little bundle of joy in my arms. I go around 40 of them for about 10 dollars. Good luck in ttc xxx
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