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Scared to start IVF Rss

HI smile, i havnt been on here in a few months, hope you are all doing well smile

I am about to start IVF soon and im so so scared. Scared of it not working, and scared of it actually working!

We have been TTC #2 since our son turned 2, he is now 6 1/2. I have PCOS and had my first app with a fertility clinic last week after wasting a whole year seeing a doctor who basically told me the same thing at each appointment, it felt like he was just after our money. So now after all the tests, scans, and bloods over the last 4 years, its time to start IVF.

i dont know anything about it, im trying to read all the info the clinic has given us and its just going around and around in my head, i never thought i would have to go through this. Im just after someone to tell me its ok, thats its not as bad as people say it is. None of my friends have been through this and none of then know what im feeling, and it seems they just dont care. After 4 years of this i feel like i should do it, but im so scared. If it dosnt work, what am i going to be like then? And if it does!

sorry for blurting this all out, just had to get it out somewhere!
thanks smile Bel

Thanks Unique smile its actually Concept we are going to smile how did u find it there?


I have gone through IVF but as a egg donor. I know it isnt the same thing, but I just wanted to say that all your feelings are completely normal.
I went through Hollywood, but have heard some great things about Conept.
The actual physical process isnt as bad as you think, all the sniffing and injecting drugs is probably the easy bit.
It is probably more the emotional side that is the hardest.
You have to have hope and faith that it is going to work, you will have success and it wil be ok.
Sorry I cant offer too much, but I want to wish you the best of luck on your journey.

I too have PCOs and took us four years to conceive - underwent 2 ovarian drillings, 10 artificial inseminations, 5 IVF cycles (including 1 frozen cycle which did not work because follicle did not thaw successfully) and 1 miscarriage.

Undergoing IVF is certainly not a choice that we all make lightly so I can fully understand and appreciate the myriad of thoughts going through your head.

First, I suggest you find yourself a fertility specialist whom you feel safe and secure with because this process is physically demanding and more so, mentally and emotionally draining.

Second, be open about it especially to those whom you know love and accept you for who you are and tell them how best to support you through this journey. Be it, not giving you advice and offering you their listening ear OR be there for you to go for High Teas and shopping to distract you OR to babysit your son on the day of your egg pick up and transfer so that you can relax and rest.

Third, establish clear boundaries with your husband. How many times will you undergo IVF? When do you know enough is enough? etc. Very crucial because your marriage must always come first.

IVF may seem straight forward and it is, most of the time. There are blood tests, nasal sprays to put your body in menopausal mode so that the egg stays where it is meant to be and ripen so that it can be harvested, adjusting the dosages for fsh injections so that you don't get ovarian hyperstimulation, the injections which you will administer to aid with egg production, the egg pick up, the fertilisation, the wait to see if any fertilised eggs have survivied in the dish, the egg transfer and the dreaded 14 day wait...

It is pretty standard and it will take a village of medical professionals to help us get there.

Take it one step at a time and do not look too far beyond because it can be very overwhelming. Breathe in, breathe out.

You have already take the first step in making the decision to take this on, now put another feet forward ... just keep moving and you'll get there.

Take care and keep smiling.


Unique, yeah i think its great they have a payment plan, i was worried about money for a while. I mean we can afford it but we didnt want to entirly clean out our savings in one go , so having the fortnightly payments works great with us! I have spoken to the liason lady and she seems lovley, answered all my questions at the time and made me feel heaps better about it!

Kerissa, i think your right, the emotional side of it is worse than the actual physical side! The doc im seeing is actually at Hollywood. smile

Magdalenestc, thankyou for that info smile Im seeing a beautiful lady doc Lucy Williams, She is amazing, so lovley, unlike the male fertility specalist who i was seeing for a year and just ripped us off!! DF and i have spoken about it, were giving it untill Xmas to concieve so if we can get 2 cycles in that would be great...ill just have to see what our situation is like after that if it dosnt work!

Thankyou ladies, im glad to know im not the only one who has felt like this. like i said im scared shitless LOL but you ladies have really helped, thankyou smile


I did it for egg donation too. And I'm a needle phobe! All the sprays, needles, etc... Were annoying, but the emotional side was annoying. I am usually a very even tempered person, well I wanted to bop everyone in the face if they irritated me or cry! And the kids drove me nuts!
Just want to wish you good luck!
Thanks SLC smile i hate needles too! luckily i my best friend lives across the road, and she is a midwife so she will be giving me my injections LOL im not game enough to do it on my own!!

You get used to it. Hold an icepack over the site, then turn the thingy slowly and you don't feel it at all!
I also have PCOS and went through IVM (yes, not a spelling error there) at FSWA who were the only ones to offer it at the time.
It is scary and there were times when your emotions are all over the place. However, the wonderful news is you can conceive and have a lovely baby at the end of it. It was worth it.
We took 3 cycles and 2 egg extractions to end up with our baby.
Best of luck!
I did IVF 3 times, I had to cancel the first 2 cycles because there were not enough eggs (I have a problem with my eggs so we needed to collect quite a few eggs for it to be successful for me). It is scary when you start, especially when your hormones start to go all over the shop, all I can say is just go with the flow of how you are feeling. I was lucky enough that I could tell my workplace what was happening and I told all of my family so everyone was super supportive and I found that was a great help, especially when we had to cancel the cycles. Once the cycle starts you'll get the hang of how it all works and you wont feel as overwhelmed by it all. I went through Sydney IVF and they were absolutely brilliant, speak to the nurses and staff, that's what they're there for to help you along the road.
I didn't find it that bad, the hot flushes were probably the worst thing as I felt like I was going through menopause and you can get emotional, I cried when a customer got angry at me, which is not like me at all. I wish you all the best and as hard as it sounds just try to relax and not stress about it.
I first started IVF in 2002, my first child arrived in 2007 and my second in 2011, to be honest I really dont remember how many cycles we went through.. It is difficult to keep putting your body through it but well worth it when they say that pregnancy hormone is showing in your blood test (usually 10 days after your transfer). I wish you luck and hope it does not take to long, and try to stay positive.
me and my partner are just about to see if we can go through ivf, i have a child to a past relationship but my new partner is unable to have children naturally due to abnormal sperm, so we are hoping we can go through ivf with the icsi
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