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TTC in early 20's Lock Rss

Hi Ladies,

I am 22, my husband (25) and I are TTC baby #1!

I would love to hear from other ladies TTC that are in their early 20's or have conceived in their early 20's on how long it took. Also if you have any advice I would love to hear it!


Technically I guess we arent "early 20s" anymore (I am 24 and DH is 27) but just wanted to say hi and that we are also TTC Baby No 1!! Went off the pill early June, so this is really the first month of really trying after a "real" af.

All going well I'm sure it wont take either of us very long!! Good luck, feel free to join the July TTC thread smile

Hi Pal24!

Good luck to you and DH on TTC! I really do hope that it doesn't take too long for either of us. Your still early 20's! smile

DH and I have been married for 2 years and we had started TTC in December but I don't think we were really trying and we stopped in February due to work and life. So we have started again this month which I am feeling really good about smile I got very stressed about it the first time and I want to have a much more relaxed attitude this time around. It is a very exciting and scary time lol

I would be joining the TTC August thread if there is one yet. Sending you lots of baby dust smile
Hi yeah I am hanging for the August TTC thread too lol, should create one!

Yup it is a very exciting and scary time....mostly exciting!! It is hard to have a relaxed attitude when it about something so life changing but if DH can be relaxed, I will try my best lol.

Baby dust to you too!!

Hi Ladies, I conceived last year at 23. We decided to give it a go and I got pregnant that month! I was actually quite shocked it happened so quick, we now have a 4 month old son. Sorry I don't really have any advice, I had been off the pill for a long time beforehand so I guess my body was ready to go! Good Luck smile
Hey u guys! I'm 21 (turning 22 in September) and I'm now 8.5wks pregnant with my 3rd! I conceived first go AGAIN despite all my OB/GYN's saying I'd need help cos of my pcos and endo and other issues! But bam! It happened! My son was planned and I conceived him at nearly 18 (had him when I was 18.5), and my daughter wasnt planned but I conceived when I was 19 and had her 1.5mths before my 20th! grin so it can happen! This one wasn't even conceived the traditional way (I had a donor) and still got it first month - I didn't believe the first few tests til I had bloods n in total iv done 30+ since finding out I was pregnant lol! Obsessive I know... But there was no denying the scan at 7wks! X
Sending u both all the baby dust I can and I hope it happens quick for both of u too! Xx

P.S. Kelly are u in Canberra? Just saw ur location! I'm a fairly new resident of the ACT! But spent a lot of my OB visits at the Canberra hospital even when I was preg with my princess! I went to John James privately with Liam but in my experience now I much prefer the appts n care iv had with the Canberra hospital publicly! It's great and some of the best drs around grin just thought if throw an opinion out there for when u conceive if ur still around the area! Hope ur having a great week x

We were both 22 when I feel pregnant with DD although she was our surprise baby!! I had gone off the pill for health reasons and a few weeks later we found out i was pregnant! We had not been trying but were obviously not as careful as we had thought!

This time around I am 24 and about to give birth in 5 weeks or so! We decided one night that we wanted to start trying for another baby and i downloaded an app on my phone to track my period and ovulation and read up a bit on the best ways to get pregnant, we were not in any hurry to get pregnant just thought we would casually start trying. The app said we were due to ovulate late November early December and the week before Christmas we found out we were pregnant! So it happened really quickly we thought it would take months! My advise is just stay calm and relax and enjoy each other cause putting extra stress on yourself can make it a lot harder to have a baby!!!

Good Luck, such an exciting time!!!

Hi there
Thought id join this website as i am in the same boat
Came off the pill in april, actively started 'trying' last month with no success and now currently on the 'two week wait' to see if this month we had any luck
Im 28-spent so many years trying NOT to get pregnant and now that im ready i want it to happen straight away. Im a planner and impatient haha.

All in good time and don't stress is what everyone tells me....
Pal24 wrote:
Hi yeah I am hanging for the August TTC thread too lol, should create one!

Yup it is a very exciting and scary time....mostly exciting!! It is hard to have a relaxed attitude when it about something so life changing but if DH can be relaxed, I will try my best lol.

Baby dust to you too!!

smile Hey, I'd be in for joining a TTC August thread if one starts.
It's all exciting, and hard to keep the lid on the nerves.
Good baby vibes to everyone.
Hi Pal24,

Someone has started a ttc august 2012 thread. You and all the other lovely ladies that are also TTC now should also join smile

Hi Monique_Shannon,

Wow so your one of the lucky ones that concieved first go! wink I have been off the pill for two years smile so hopefully this time my body is happy to become home to am little bubby! Congratulations on your baby boy smile

Hi V_1990,

Wow 3 and your only 21! Sounds like you love being a mum smile Congratulations on your current pregnancy and I wish you and bub a happy and healthy 9 months! I think when it happens for my I will do ALOT of tests lol especially at the beginning smile

I am in Canberra and I have thought briefly about where I would go and if I would go private of public as I already have the private health insurance but thank you for letting me know about your experience! I would be choosing between Calvary and The Canberra Hospital. smile

Hi Page83,

I absolutely agree! I know a few people now who have had babies and it varies. I have read alot of stories on here where ALOT of women are trying for a while before they get lucky. I have read alot of books too to see what our odds are and I am pretty happy with them smile I read this statistic on the babycentre website

"In your early 20s you have about a 25 percent chance of getting pregnant in any single ovulation cycle. Your chances of conceiving within a year of trying are about 98 percent in your early 20s and about 84 percent by your late 20s."

That's what made me start this thread smile Thank you for sharing your opinion and story! Good luck with your current pregnancy smile
Hi Avla,

Thanks for the advice smile I suffer from irregular cycles but I have learnt to notice what my body is doing. I also watch my CM which helps to narrow down O. Wow so did you and DH BD every second day all the way through your cycles for both bubs? DH and I have been BDing every 2nd or 3rd day this cycle and still loving it wink

Hi *~Zimbee~*,

DH and I have been married for almost 2 years now and pretty much not used any protection that whole time. We are staying positive now that we are officially trying though. I really wish I had of fallen pregnant when we weren't trying because I hate the TWW! When your not trying you don't have any of that on your mind smile

Good luck with the birth! smile

Hi Nai&Beau,

Seriously! All you lovely ladies have been so lucky falling in the first, second and third months! I REALLY hope it's the same for us grin I am sure DH wouldn't mind it to last longer though wink

Hi Andrea_Leah,

Welcome to Huggies! There are so many wonderful ladies on here with SO much advice and very supportive smile You should try joining the TTC July 2012 thread and the ttc August 2012 thread with other ladies in the TWW too. I hope you get your BFP this month! Sending you lots of baby dust! I hate being told don't stress and it will happen. It's alot easier to say that when you already have a beautiful bub and not the one trying smile I get very obsessive about it lol I have 5 pregnancy apps on my phone which I will go in and put in the first day of my last cycle and it will say you are XX weeks pregnant then Aunt Flow arrives and I have to reset them. It's quite depressing how we can get so hooked up on it. I hate the games that go through my head especially. I battle with myself about whether I am pregnant or not. It's like I really want to get excited about the fact that I could be but then I don't want to get too excited because if I'm not it will hurt more. Anyway....your not alone is my point to writing this lol. Good luck!!

Hi Steph13_,

There is a TTC August thread so please join! When you first decide to start trying it is so exciting and scary but you want to tell everyone. Good luck on your TTC journey and I send you lots of sticky baby dust!
Hey kelly ive been trying to pm you lol it won't let me :s

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