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Things you should and shouldnt have when TTC Lock Rss

I've been thinking about taking Krill oil vitamins does anyone know if these are ok when TTC??
Any other foods etc I should avoid (i read tuna is not so good)?
Or anything I should be taking that could increase our chances??
I dunno about food as I think it is a personal choice

but a lovely lady I know has a great combo which has help many get their bfps

Menevit or u can use spermMax,
Vitamin C 1000mg take 2 tablets a day, he can take them any time of the day
Zinc 1 tablet a day.

2000mg of vitex,- Take from AF to O
100mg of B6,
400mg of folic acid,
2000mg of EPO - 1 tablet 3x a day from AF to O


I am taking folic acid-which is the main one for protect against neural tube defects! and i make sure i get enough iron/vitamin c/iodine
they are the main ones.

and heres the foods to avoid when you are pregnant but doesnt hurt to start when ttc.
I've been taking the Swisse pregnancy vitamins for like 8months nows. I've read some other people say they take Vitex from what I can gather it helps regulate your cycles??

Hubby's taking multi vitamins but I think I'll look into Menevit.
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