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Anyone else TTC while Husband/Partner works away? Lock Rss

Hey. We are ttc #3 but I'm finding it a bit hard cause my DH works 2 weeks away and 1 week home. It feels like every time i O, DH is away! Anyone else in the same situation? I have a DS who is 5 and DD who is 3 (turning 4 soon) and i really want to fall pregnant soon so there won't be too large a gap than there already is. I got my AF today sad and now we probably won't get another good chance to conceive for a couple of months. sigh..

haha yes bottle it! Wish i could chuck it in the freezer or fridge, so it wouldn't matter if he was away or not! but looks like ill just have to wait till it works out that he is home when i O.. I know what you mean about age too. Im 29 this year, so i know thats still youngish but still, i wanted to have all my kids while i was in my 20's. So I'm pushing it. We were so sure that we only wanted 2 kids, but now that we have decided on another one, its all i can think about!

We had this problem aswell as my DH is FIFO. I went & saw my GP who put me on the pill (I wasn't on it before) I then took I think 3wks of pills & then went on the sugar pill when I wanted my period to come. I was able to adjust my cycle so I was ovulating when DH was home smile
Thanks Blacey, I never thought of that.. I might give that a go. Im not 100% sure when i ovulate, but I'm pretty sure its early in my cycle, i have AF now and DH isn't home for 16 days, so i don't think ill conceive this time round. Did it work for you?

I'm no good with the whole ovulation,cycle thing either thankfully my GP was able to work out exactly when to start taking the pill & when to come off it according to DH's roster. It did work for us & I was pregnant in the 1st month of ttc smile
We are in the same boat. My hubby works a 2 on 1 off roster and we've been trying for 4 months and he has never been home once whilst I was in my " fertile window".
It's so frustrating. Our daughter is 9 and we got pregnant the first month with her but he was home every night. I'm thinking after his next swing it might be the right time. So we can only hope.I feel your pain! X
Hi,I'm in same boat,it stinks aye! He isn't on a roster but works overseas alot,he is currently on 15 days away,he'll be home for 2 weeks then away for 7 days and that's the kind of pattern we have had of late sad Its frustrating as he's always away when I'm ovulating.So I hope it's not going to be a long waiting game for all of us and plenty of bfps smile
Hi ladies
I got a BFP today at appx 11dpo. I'm so excited, it's taken 6 months. We are so excited! Anyone else got any good news? Now the anxiety about "jellybean" sticking and staying put for 9 months kicks in.
Would love to hear how everyone else is going.
Congrats Minerswife! Fx for a sticky "jellybean" smile

My DF does 30on 26off (overseas) so it's not so bad for us timing wise, I've managed to get it to line up ok, and he should always be home close to when I'd be due if nothing changes..

On a FIFO/works away note - does it bug you when people say "Oh that must be so hard I don't know you do it/you must really miss him while he's away"? It drives me crazy tbh! Or maybe it's just me...

Hi ladies,
I'm the same, my hubby travels the country for his job and doesn't have a fixed roster.He can be away for up to 3 weeks at a time and the main issues is it always changes, we never know until that week where he will be working and when he'll be home again!!!

So it makes it extremely hard for us, we are trying for #2, (our dd is 4.6 years), am currently on cycle 11 and am getting to the point where I am thinking it may never happen for us!!!

And yes, i get absolutely sick of people telling me "oh you're just like a single mum, it must be so hard!"
Yes it is very hard but I'm also very grateful as when hubby is home, our dd and i are his world.

Hi ladies, sorry i haven't been on here in months!! I felt like giving up too, it felt like it was never going to happen for us. So i stopped going on this forum cause i was getting too sad. But Im extremely happy to say that I got my BFP last week!! My husbands roster finally coincided with him being home while i was ovulating.. So happy and excited smile
Will your hubby's and partners be home longer over this christmas period? Hopefully that will give more of a chance for conception.. It is hard to have your partner working away, mine has been working in mines for over 3 years now. I have 2 kids already and its been hard bringing them up mostly by myself. My boy is 51/2 now and I've noticed how much he needs his father around now. Another piece of good news that i have received is that it looks like DH has got a new job where he will be home every night! It means relocating
2 1/1 hrs away but I'm so happy to do that if it means he doesn't have to work away anymore.

My hubby and I are in exactly the same boat.. We've been trying for #2 the last 4 months. My hubby works away in the mines - 10 on & 4 off. Every single fortnight we are off my a few days, unfortunately. My cycle is like clock work and he is 100% fertile so there are no issues there. If only I could change my cycle by 1 week. It's taken so long for my body to readjust after coming off the pill for 4 years. As per our calculator we aren't on par until next year sad so frustrating!! Hoping it happens soon. We're all ready, including our 4yo, who needs a playmate soon.
If anyone has any suggestions, I'm all ears!!
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