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TTC September 2012. Lock Rss

Hi Girls,

I couldn't find a TTC September thread, so as i got my BFN yesterday i thougt i'd start one smile

My AF is due on the weekend, so bring it on so we can get back to BDing smile smile smile

Good Luck everyone...........
I'll join you Cas! My AF is due Monday. I'm not even going to bother POAS this month, will just wait for AF. I'm pretty certain I am not preggers sad

Let's hope September is the month!
AF came this morning, September will be the first month TTC baby #2!

Hi ladies i will be in here too i am 30yr old and TTC#1 and on cycle 9 i am CD7 i think so just gunna have fun BDing and hope for the best, last month didnt handle things to well so just gunna try relax and not stress about it this month. Fingers crossed for everyone for sticky bubs in september

Hey ladies,

I hope you don't mind me joining in here, this is our 1st month ttc no.4, my AF will be due around the 9th (give or take...) so will be ov'ing this weekend.

Let's hope we all get our wish this month! grin

Hi Everyone, great to have some friends here..........
Baby dust to all of us for September smile smile smile smile smile smile smile
Welcome eveyone!

This will be our 4th cycle TTC#1. Now is actually not a great time to conceive as we are moving end of year & I will need to find a new job etc, but we are going to keep trying anyway. I figure there is nothing more important in life than starting a family so we are making it our priority.

Look forward to sharing the next month or so with you all!

oh Ill join, even though I am still waiting for AF to show up im sure im not pregnant and had a few BFN.

This will by cycle #2 trying to conceive bub #2, My DS is nearly 11 months old (that has gone super fast!!)

Hi all im on cycle number #2 of trying to concieve our first bub im really hoping that this time is it... Af is due on wednesday i have had sore boobs fatigue and nausea however i took a pregnancy test today as it said it could show up 5 days before a missed period and recieved a negative result could i still be pregnant am i just being impatient
Can I join too please? I'm waiting for af, its a few days late but I have cramps so pretty sure she's on her way.

This will be my 2nd cycle trying for #2. I have a 14mth old DD. Hopefully there'll be lots of babies made this month smile
September thread already, where is this year going!!! Hopefully I will be able to start actively TTC again this month so thought I would join in. AF will hopefully be here next Friday my first after the miscarriage but even if it isnt it cant be to far away now.

Sticky baby dust to us all smile

AF arrived today so I too will be joining the September thread. this is cycle #5 for me since starting TTC so lets hope September is all of our lucky month!
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