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Bleeding/Periods after Implanon removed? Lock Rss

I had my implanon removed on Tuesday 21st Aug and by Saturday 25th I had started a period which lasted a week (froday 31st) (my first in 4 yrs), I then had a week break and had my now 2nd period which started on Friday 7th and is still going - this one isnt as heavy and no where near as 'red' as the first..

Would like to hear experiences from others on how their body reacted when coming off implanon and how long it took for their cycles to work themselves out. I have been jotting down dates just to give myself an Idea on whats going on as we see the fertitly specialist again in Oct.

Any help/advise or experiences is appreicated. smile

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

I had my implanon removed July after having it in for a year. I spotted for 3 days then got a very heavy period and a lot of cramping for 5 days I just had my last period on the 28th of August which was back to normal and now we are trying for bub #2 did u have any issues while on the implanon??? I gained over 10kgs sad


Hi Mum2onelittleman,

I had implanon in for alot longer then I should have, it expired in Nov 2011 and I waited til Aug 2012 to have it removed.

During the time I had it, I didnt experience 1 single period, including the entire time between nov last yr & aug this yr when it should have been 'finished'.
I was moody and rude, emontional and complete uninterested in any type of sex or touching (hugging,kissing etc)

I dont think i gained weight but its a possibility, I was already big when i had it put in (just after DS birth, 2nd child) and didnt erally loose any of his pregnancy weight..I am on a health kick now so fingers crossed I can get the weight down a bit.

I hated implanon and wouldnt ever get it again - I never wanted it for the 'no period' effect it can have and although i was nice not having them i kind of felt as if I was screwing with nature not to, I mean, if Im naturally supposed to have a period once a month, what would happen to my poor body if I didnt have one for near on 4 yrs????

I have recently seen a ferititly specialist after blood tests advised my AHM levels are very low, those normally seen in a 35-40yr old (im 25), meaning my egg supply is low and thus meaning I will go into early menopause (a guess was late 30's at this stage he said) so I have a 12-24month window to fall pregnant before I am risking not being able to as my egg reserves will continue to decrease with time.

As I had a decent, what I could call, normal period so soon after having it removed I was hopeful my body was quickly going back into some sort of normality yet with this period arriving I am abit confuesd??
It arrived on Friday and its gone now? So 6 days but of really light, brown ish colour rather then the super red colour I had in my first period?

I know for certain I will never be going back onto any form of contraception.. I just wont do it, to my body or my hormones.. I was a horrible person lol...

Madison Jade 28.08.06 & Kobyn James 20.06.08

I had my implanon removed on the 27th of november after having it in for about 10months so nearly 4 weeks ago but yet I still havent had my period. Has this happened to anyone else before?
I had Implanon inserted at 15 years old June/2009 it was suppose to be removed June/2012 (18 yrs oId). I removed it on January/2014 (1yr 6 months passed due date) and inserted Nexplanon during the process of removal of Implanon . I Removed Nexplanon March/2015 (1 year 2 months after insertion).

On Implanon I had no period, no sex drive at all, slight loss of hair on both sides front of my hair, increase of appetite (no weight gained - fast metabolism) . All symptoms continued passed the 3 years of when it was supposed to be removed.

On Nexplanon I had 2 spotting one morning each in October and February .. no period besides those two mornings. Depression, anxiety attacks , sex drive was back (yay) , Huge decrease in appetite, loss of weight, emotional and moody.

I removed Nexplanon 03/06 I started my period 03/08 for 6 days 03/13 it wasn't a "real" period no cramping .. breast wasn't sensitive, blood wasn't red . It was dark brown the whole time. Now again I'm having another [Dark brown] period starting 03/21 but this time my breast are really sensitive.

I'm really hoping to finish this period and to start to have a "real" period soon being that i haven't had one since I was 15 and soon turning 21 06/01 will make it over 6 years .

Personally I will never go back to using Nexplanon ever again i think we all need the once a month period and the side effects was horrible. On a good note for them .. I would say it's the best Birth Control to prevent having a child (minus the side effects) it is absolutely the best thing to get if you don't want to have a baby.

For me I'm over using Implanon/Nexplanon . I just want my body back to normal! Hope this helped anyone smile smile

Hello I had my Nexplanon removed January 4th and finished bleeding about two days after which would put me at about a month since i last bled and haven't had a period since, but I have been having random cramps on the sides of my stomach which has never happened, sometimes when I wake up I feel nauseous, but not every time, i am having sensitive nipples even though that's the only sensitive part of my breasts, and I am more exhausted than I was on the implant. Does anyone know if it could be early pregnancy or just from the removal of the implant. About 4 days ago before I started having sensitive nipples and stomach cramps I took a pregnancy test that came back negative. I haven't had any other kind of birth control before nor have I ever been pregnant before so I'm not sure if its normal to have these things happen after being done with the birth control or if its just early pregnancy but too early to tell, Could anyone help me please? huh
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