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GTC (going to concieve) ;) OCTOBER! The extra positive ttc month :) Lock Rss

Hi ladies, well as I totally 'missed the boat' (or the swimmers in our case wink) this month I thought I would go ahead and start a ttc oct thread smile sooooo, I guess I will start of the list for this month too.

Waiting to ovulate
Casgazbubz ttc#4 due to ov on the 11th


Preggo wink

Love Love LOVE the topic name casgazbubz!!!!!
Good luck and massive loads of sticky baby dust to everyone in/joining GTC October hehe grin xxxx
I also love the name wink good thinking casgazbubz smile xx

dreaming_of_babies wrote:
Love Love LOVE the topic name casgazbubz!!!!!

I love the name too!! Good luck everyone!!
Cas and roast lamb was just thinking about all the guys from the July thread and couldn't find the waiting until TTC thread hope you guys are all well - lynx, shorty, Lars, Rosie Mumma! All the very best wishes xx
Haha casgaz!!! I have a funny feeling ill be joining this thread too sad

count me in! although its going to be late in the month before I get to BD.
U all think your itching to get going in october - Im not even waiting to ovulate.
Add me in under "waiting for crappy MC bleeding to stop." really, I should have bought shares in pads! worse than after I had my son. (trying to lol)
As a serial POAS girl, it will be interesting to see how I tackle this cycle of TTC.
As a new member to the miscarriage bunch, im not only stressing about the darn TWW, but the 8ww after it till I safely get to 12wks.

cant believe we are starting GTC Oct already. seems like yesterday we were all joining TTC August! smile
i will be in here too AF arrived in full force 6 days late last night

Oh no kumerao sad

Awolf, how long have u been bleeding? That doesn't sound right Hun. You might need a d&c or something. Are u taking extra iron? U might need it if uve been bleeding that much.

What's with all the m/c's lately sad

Hi Ladies, Love GTC October!
Sorry to hear about your loss Awolf78, it's such an awful wait. sad
I'm on CD10 so I think that puts me in October. I'm not sure when I'm due to ovulate as I've just had my first AF since having my DD 21 months ago, so was very excited to see her even though we missed the first eggie smile I have PCOS (or at least had it prior to DD), so I'm hoping the weight I've lost will put me in good stead for an easier journey this time around. Good luck and lots of sticky baby dust to you all!

Ooh, ooh I'm excited to join this thread! I am going off the pill in 2 weeks and will be TTC mid October for our first baby! Good luck everyone!
thanks for the support guys.
Cas - had regular and internal ultrasounds on friday, and doctors were confident that it would all happen naturally, as long as bleeding stops by end of this week, wont need d&c.
waiting for hormone levels to drop is the other bit. will get more bloods done on thurs to check, last night I felt so sick, freezing cold one minute, roasting the next. Im lucky my sister in melbourne knows all about it, so we are chatting mightly on facebook.
she went through 2 MC's in between 7 rounds of IVF. (and then her baby was born with a rare genetic disorder) always makes me remember how lucky I am that I concieve pretty easily. (check out on facebook, to see the bravest little girl I know!)

right now Im going through that stage where i just feel pi**ed off. I just realised that by the time I wait for AF to show her face (cant believe Im actually looking forward to it) and I wait till O time, I might not acually get to BD for real till start of Nov.
This TTC game is like playing snakes and ladders, and ive just slipped all the way back to the start when I was winning the game!
does anyone else feel like this?
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