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TTC our first after coming off Depo Provera! Lock Rss

Hiya Ladies, Im totally confussed and could do with hearing other peoples expierences.
I was on Depo Provera for 9 months My last shot being Feb 2012 what would protect me up until May. Me and my partner decided i wouldnt go back for my next shot due to us wanting to TTC baby #1. Its been almost 5 months since my last shot would of been due!!! I know people can get symptoms when coming off Depo. I havent recieved a period since coming of my Depo Provera, but my doctor said its still possible to fall pregnant without one.
We really cant wait to find out were pregnant so im not sure if im looking into it too much.
For the last few weeks ive been having Stomach cramps and liittle twinges, Along with having on and off Nausea through out the day. I woke up a few days ago with what almost seems like a scratchy throat and feeling abit congested....Also I hardly eat fruit but have been Craving Pineapples like you wouldnt belive and also lots of Juicy fruits. At night i try and lay on my stomach but it almost makes me feel sick (strange) Boobs dont feel to much different, sometimes there abit sensitive and heavy but i do have large boobs, My nipples are also a little sensitive. About 2 weeks ago i took a pregnancy test but it came back Negative! Im not sure if to take another test or go to the doctors to have bloods done?
Thanks Megz
I was on the depo for 7years then had the mini pill for 6mths and it took us 3mths to get pregnant. My periods came back straight away. But as it goes for most things everyone reacts differently.

I was on depo for 18 months, , we had decided no more babies (already had 2 girls). I only had bleeding maybe 3 times in that whole time, my last shot was Nov 2010. I stopped because I needed to give my body a break. I was worried by feb/march that nothing was happening but my Doctor said it can take up to 12 months for your body to recover after depo if it would at all and to just wait it out. I had decided I wanted #3.

It took until June 2011 to get AF back and it was a doozy, by day 2 I went to the doc to get the pill to try and stop it. I stopped taking the pill in September when we started TTCing and finally fell pregnant in January 2012 when I was about to give up, i was so emotionally distressed by it all.

Depo affects everyone differently, some still get AF, some get constant bleeding, some it disappears (like me) because it's straight into your body there is no way of telling when your ovaries are going to "wake up" as such. Maybe give it another week or 2 and then test again if symptoms keep going or you could go get a blood test to put your mind at ease. AF could be on it's way for you as well. Best of luck xx

Hiya ladies im back again!
Its now been 7 months since the shot should of worn off! and 10 months since the last shot was given. I was still having lots of symptoms this time everyone i spoke to was so sure i was pregnant! I done a test and it came back Negative. So about a week ago i went to the doctors and asked to have a blood test to give me an answer if in fact i was pregnant. It was NEGATIVE! After hearing everyone say 'i reckon you are' i will admit i got my hopes up! I asked my doctor if i could have my hormone levels checked and he replied with ' I wont be able to do that until you have been off depo for a year' Whats the difference between now and in 3 months time :/ Lol....I already suffer from Depression but all of this is starting to takes it toll on me. I just really want my periods back! & Ive never wished for that before hahaha! I used to be regular like clockwork!!
Sorry to hear its taking you longer than you hoped for !! I too had a really crappy experience with depo, I was on it for 4 yrs and TTC #1, it took 6 mths to fall with DS, DD1 came along straight away as I refused contraception, DD2 again took 10 long months after getting 2 depo shots, this also resulted in 2 M/C !! this time I tried the implanon, but it unfortunately after 10 mths didnt agree with me and I got it taken out, used the pill for 2 mths, then just condoms until we were ready to TTC and fell the 1st month. You could try taking the pill for a couple of months to try and get regular as I do know they use this technique for PCOS... Also as hard as it is try and relax with the whole TTC journey, if stress levels are up it can be harder to concieve. Also look at starting some folic acid and iron during your journey. I wish you lots of luck and sending loads of baby dust your way !

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