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Need your advice please???? Lock Rss

Hi everyone my husband and l have been TTC for 13 months now and went to the Dr yesterday who wants us to wait another 3 months and if we are still not lucky then we have the choice of starting IVF or me having a laparoscopy and hope that will do the trick?
What would your recommendations be?
thanks smile
Have you had any tests done yet?

Thanks so far ladies.... it was my ob/gyn that l saw. I should have given more info sorry.

I have polycystic ovary syndrome which is now under control, to a degree wink l am on clomid and l am ovulating. Hubby has been tested and have been told he had good quality but quanitity was a little low so they are retesting but OB/Gyn is not concerned by that. I have also twin boys and have had 1 MC so l know we can fall just for some reason this time its hard sad

Just dont know which path to take first? Heart saying laparoscopy but want if l am just wasting time.

Thanks again
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