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Making my BFN a Positive thing! Lock Rss

Well I had a BFN a week or so ago, so instead of moping, I am focusing on how it's a positive thing and what I'll do in the mean time until I get my BFP.

I get married in 2months 2weeks and 3days (so my ticker tells me!), and I've been slack about my general eating and gym going SO this weekend I'm gonna get myself all sorted so that I can

1. Take my lunch to work every day - and it be the food I should be eating
2. Get to the gym more than just the once a week I see my PT
3. Get a whole heap of study done

So, if you've had a BFN, what are you going to do until your BFP?

Sorry what does BFN and BFP mean?
Im sorry and I wish you all the best for a BFP.
Thanks Mum Of 3 Cuties.I need to remember the abbreviations so I dont come across as unsympathetic.
Thanks Mum of 3 cuties and Ilovemylilbugs =)

And thanks Rachel =) It can be hard to remember all of them!

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