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Hyperemesis :( Rss

Hi Everyone,
Am ttc #3 and all previous pregnancies I have suffered the horrble HG sad I have tried almost everything !! This time will be trying Restavit + B6 as I only discovered this last pregnancy but wasnt pregnant long enough to try it!
Just wanted to start a thread 4 all who suffer this for support, tips, general chat and not to feel alone.
I have been cooking like a mad woman to have the freezer stocked with ready meals, and am trying to be as mentally prepared as possible. I have tried to gain 5 kgs the past month ( xmas was very helpful lol ) so I have that bit extra to lose.
So for anyone who has suffered, will suffer or is suffering, you are not alone & I look forward to hearing from you and being supportive and encouraging
I had HG in my first pregnancy and am quite worried about it going into a second pregnancy. Have also been stocking up on the weight, as I am only 46kg normally, so don't have much to lose! This time I'm going to try acupuncture to see if that can provide relief. I tried B6 the first time with no noticeable difference. I just lived on zofran for the first half of my pregnancy but it's very expensive so hoping I can find other ways to relieve it

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I spent most of my first trimesters in hospital as i suffer from HG.
My ob tried putting me on Restivit also as the Zofron alone couldnt stop the vomiting and all it did was bomb me out. So i wouldnt have too high hopes for it if you have kids to look after as you hardly be able to keep yourself awake. You could try Maxalon or Motilium which is a drug that is used for increase milk supply also.
Accupuncture never worked for me and i had it every 2nd day. i also tried a homopath and reflexology all whuvh never helped.
Its just one of those horrid things. I just hope it doesnt last for vety long for you. I had it for 20-22 weeks with mine.
Stock up your panty for easy meals for hubby to make.
Good luck smile

Jess 28yrs, 5yr old daughter, 8 month old son and 20 weeks pregnant.

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